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August 18, 2020 Apartment Living


We all dream of a home of our own. We imagine the color of the curtains, the divan in the family lounge, the patterns on the cushion covers and more- all of it add up to make a home out of the concrete cage. And when we incorporate these little things one by one- the four walls transform into our loving sanctuary.

That being said, let’s talk a bit about how we can introduce little changes over time to really bring out the best of our homes!

Soothe your eyes with green: Liven up your living room

It is never too “cramped up” in your home to add new plants. A tiny little potted cactus will change the outlook of your desk or the bathroom countertop. Add a plant to an idle corner and voila! Your room now has life, it is breathing. If you have space near a wide window, hang a small succulent, but make sure it doesn’t overlap with the curtains. Take a break from daily chores and water your plants, absorb their growth. You will feel inspired right away! A little splash of green can do wonders beyond your imagination.

However, make sure to take care of your plants regularly. If it is too much of a hassle for you, hunt local nurseries for plants that require less attention in terms of watering. It’s even better if you can source them online. Remember, old, dead plants will not do your space any good, rather will affect the overall freshness and cleanliness of your home.

Dedicate and declutter the family lounge

Marie Kondo told us to let go of everything that doesn’t spark joy. Take little steps to go through all your spaces, pick out things that you think you can do without. The point of decluttering is to have a tidier, more organized space, which will surely give you more space to breathe and move about.

Reorganizing the furniture can give a room an all new makeover. Change the layout of your living room- take the arm chair near the window, move the coffee table a bit, switch the vases or showpieces. It will give the space a fresh vibe. Try dedicating certain spaces to your different activities- drag a bookshelf to create a separate space within the same room, add a desk and chair and now have your own study space!

Engage your Senses: Inhale your inspiration

You read that right! Besides reorganizing your bedroom to make it more cozy and aesthetically pleasing, you must ensure that your home smells nice. I am not saying that your home must smell like a rosarium (although if you are living in bti Rose Cottage, the fragrant rooftop rose beds might reach your home), but it is important to get rid of any unpleasant, stale smell in your home. Candles, especially scented ones can change your home’s gloomy atmosphere, and in day time they will be brilliant pieces of decoration! Besides the warm, soft glow, they also have health benefits. If you plan on reading a book with a cup of coffee, a touch of aromatherapy candles could make the evening more tranquil. Eucalyptus candles could help you to feel energized and focused. Lavender or lemon scented candles will let you distress and relax, and also help with anxiety and depression. So why not light one before going to bed?

Of course, try not to carelessly leave a candle burning. Be careful where you light it, as a little mindlessness can cause a fire. To be safe, you can order diffusers that will let out delightfully therapeutic scents, so with the press of a button you can transform your home into a spa!

Let there be Light: Brighten up your dining space

Natural light is immensely important for our health and well being. During the day, open all your windows and curtains to allow as much day light in as you can. Soak in some natural sunlight and get your daily dose of vitamin D.

In the evenings, introduce some warm light to your room. Lamps have an exceptional ambiance that can elevate your mood. If you have spot lights, turn them on to light up specific places. It will enhance the beauty of your home to make you feel like you are really home. Moreover, hanging Turkish lamps can be added to a corner of the dining space or any other room to enhance the lovely aura of your home.

Should I step out to incorporate these changes?

That is absolutely not necessary. Don’t risk your safety when you can access online services. The steps to your dream home can be inexpensive and efficient if you choose wisely. Also, if you don’t have the time to work on your interior, you can always take external help! bti Interior Solutions in this case can help you greatly. We act as a one-stop solution service for any matter regarding your interior. Homes or commercial spaces- we do it all! We care about your ideas as well, so let us execute your custom ideas into reality. Best service and uncompromised quality- that is what define us. We will manage your space to make it a home where each corner will spark joy for you and your loved ones.

Having doubts? You can always take our free consultancy to start with the process. A wonderfully transformed home is just a phone call away!

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