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the pursuit of construction excellence 800340
June 29, 2022 Real Estate Industry

The Pursuit of Construction Excellence

Excellence is a concept one constantly has to chase This... Continue Reading

4 real estate myths demystified 227187
March 30, 2022 Real Estate Industry

4 Real Estate Myths Demystified

The wouldbe homeowners often fall into despondency thinking that their... Continue Reading

the house of bti your ultimate real estate solution provider 675816
December 29, 2021 Real Estate Industry

The House of bti: Your Ultimate Real Estate Solution Provider

bti embarked on the relentless pursuit of excellence in 1984... Continue Reading

the benchmark of construction excellence 538856
December 22, 2021 Real Estate Industry

The Benchmark of Construction Excellence

Having had four decades of real estate experience when bti... Continue Reading

bti the paramount of design excellence 695108
May 8, 2021 Real Estate Industry

Bti: The Paramount of Design Excellence

In the early years of our nation the concept of... Continue Reading

real estate advertisement d 321264
March 10, 2021 Real Estate Industry

How Real Estate Advertisement is Changing Shape

st century Now Facebook YouTube websites massmail and other platforms... Continue Reading

sdsdsds 1 194302
March 8, 2021 Real Estate Industry

Making Her Mark in Real Estate

making her mark here are some gutsy women who have... Continue Reading

blog 27 02 for bti 01 244078
March 6, 2021 Real Estate Industry

Building A Better Tomorrow

Care is an inseparable part of bti culture bti family... Continue Reading

how to avoid real estate scammers in bangladesh 497258
February 18, 2021 Real Estate Industry

How To Avoid Real Estate Scammers in Bangladesh

Let8217s first face the brutal reality that we often get... Continue Reading

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