Invest in your health and well-being. Live in our Wellness Communities

Our health outcomes are affected greatly by the choice of our lifestyles


'Wellness Communities' bring to you the ultimate experience of leading a stress-free and active life. These homes encourage residents to support each other to cultivate healthy lifestyle habits and are available in different neighborhoods in great locations.
Various self-contained wellness features like large fully equipped gyms, walkways, open-air theatres, swimming pools, and play areas, target physical activity and work as an invitation to the outdoors. To top it all, enjoy the smart home features of these stylish residences.

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Getting to the gym itself is a tedious journey, considering the traffic and health risks in public gyms. The fully equipped gyms in the 'Wellness Communities' have been designed so that you can work out comfortably.
If you have never worked out in the gym, this is the time to start. You can work out here with the help of a trainer or by yourself using the cardio machines and weight lifting equipment. The sauna and steam rooms enhance the wellness factor without any doubt.

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Swim to stay fit

It could not be easier to stay in shape when you have a swimming pool as an integral part of your residence. With excellent showering and changing facilities, even your children will love the experience. Beat the heat of the scorching summer while you get fit.

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Greenery and us

We understand the importance of nature and how it contributes to one's holistic health and overall wellbeing. In the concrete jungle that we live in, it is important to enjoy nature and spend time under the open sky.
The amazing rooftops in our Wellness Communities incorporate as much greenery as possible allowing ample opportunity for families to exercise their gardening skills. Designed by a specialized Landscape Team, the rooftops with other open-air facilities will redefine the art of entertaining friends and family safe whilst you enjoy the greenery and the view.

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A fitness option for the not-so-active-ones

While maintaining fitness is important to health, maintaining a positive psyche is also crucial. Anything that builds spirituality can directly benefit your health and happiness. If a gym is not your ideal way to stay fit, practice yoga and meditate indoors in the savvy yoga studio.
Alternatively, bring your fitness buddies along for extra encouragement for free-hand exercises and aerobics. Dance classes such as Zumba can be added for a little more oomph or you can simply enjoy online fitness classes in the yoga studio.

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A sedentary life combined with excessive use of technology can make our children unhappy, unhealthy and socially awkward. It is important for every child to take part in outdoor activities and foster positive relationships with other children.
Designated play areas for the children allow them to play and engage with each other, without you worrying about their safety. Organize tournaments and competitions for them, to instill healthy patterns of activity.

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Crammed up in tiny spaces, finding a safe space to walk around in Dhaka is quite difficult. The walking tracks allow you to walk, jog or run in the open greenery surrounding these tracks. While swimming, yoga, meditation, and hitting the gym are important ways to maintain fitness, just taking a walk is also crucial!

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Large Community Hall

The large community halls, perfect for any sort of meetings, events, parties, and indoor sports tournaments have been thoughtfully designed with a connection to the outdoor area. Recreational BBQ spots on the rooftop and different outdoor nooks and corners make events here seamless. Be safe in the way you entertain guests and avert the risks of entertaining indoors.

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Playing badminton, table tennis, practicing basketball, or playing a round of ground chess are all ways to stay fit while having fun. The residents of these communities will be able to maximize these activities. One or multiple of these activities will be arranged as per the size and availability of the area for outdoor activities.

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