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We don't just make buildings.
We're in the business of customer satisfaction


building technology & ideas ltd. - bti is a real estate firm with high standards known for its professionalism in the industry and as one of the pioneers of the real estate sector of Bangladesh. Our dedication and years of experience with an ongoing pursuit of excellence have earned us an advantageous position in the sector. We are truly humbled by the trust and love of our customers, which has steadily grown in the last four decades.

A Step Ahead Since the beginning

Our Philosophy


Our Mission Statement

To make homeownership a joyful experience.


Our Vision Statement

To provide viable housing solutions to every segment of our society.

Core Values

Our Core Values

  • Win the Customer’s Heart.
  • Work Harder than Everyone Else and Strive to be the Best.
  • Maintain an Entrepreneurial Spirit.
  • Respect, Develop, Empower our People.
  • High Morals, Honesty and Integrity.
  • Speed of Work, Fight Bureaucracy and Remove Superfluous Work.
  • Practice Meritocracy and Constantly Enhance Talent Density.

Check out how we started shaping the future 4 decades ago

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    In 1984, building technology & ideas ltd. - bti. started its journey in the real estate sector of Bangladesh with a small office beside the Cricket Stadium, in the BRTC Building.

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    This period saw tough financial times. The cost of capital was high and joint ventures were unheard of. However, with competition being as negligible as 3 real estate developers in the country, Building Technology and Ideas Ltd. got through it all and moved to a better future and a better address at the TMC Building in Eskaton in 1989.

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    bti was the first to initiate the joint venture approach in Bangladesh during this period. Back then, landowners would own 20% of the apartments, and developers would own 80%. which now split into an even 50/50.

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    After the political turbulence in 1995, apartment sales in Dhaka, saw a steep increase as did the competition in the sector. We continued to grow, despite the tough competition, and started creating a corporate setup, which was revolutionary in this sector. In 1998, we developed our mission and vision statements and also earned the ISO 9001 quality management system standard award, being the first company to bag it in the real estate sector. In 2000, we moved to our current office at Celebration Point in Gulshan from the Eskaton office.

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    Up to the beginning of this period, the industry experienced a steep rise in the supply of apartments and an imaginable increase in real estate companies. This imbalance in supply and demand resulted in a drop in prices and also led to the demise of many companies. Our conservative strategy, commitment & sincerity, on the other hand, developed our reputation as a reliable and trustworthy company. From 2001, our number of projects significantly increased, and this was also the period when we expanded to Chattogram.

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    2006- 2010

    Geared to bring luxury lifestyles to the forefront, it was time to introduce new designs and better residential buildings. This was the beginning of our long and successful journey catering to the upper-income group of customers. The 'Premium Collection' created living experiences that were different from our 'Classic Collection' Homes. Our first Premium Collection project was 'Paragon' in Dhanmondi. New services to support our customers were also introduced with the advent of bti Interior Solutions and bti Brokerage. But tough times were around the corner for the sector.

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    2011- 2015

    This period brought with it tough times for the real estate industry as there was a slump in the market. Despite that, we were able to stand firm due to our reputation for maintaining timely delivery of investments for our customers. We worked at advancing ourselves in the digital marketing game. A corporate Facebook page, a new website, and the first real estate blog in Bangladesh were started. We also became the first real estate company to achieve an AA3 credit rating from the Credit Rating Agency of Bangladesh (CRAB) and launched a new, more affordable line of housing with 'Chayabithi'.

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    We started producing environmentally friendly Hollow Blocks that would replace burnt Clay Red Bricks in construction. This new Strategic Business Unit (SBU), was named bti Building Products. Bti Property Management was also launched. A new line of homes was added to our Luxury Collection under the banner of 'Platinum Collection'. These homes brought forth smart living concepts for the first time in Bangladesh.

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    To add to our growing list of achievements we obtained ISO Certification 9001:2015 for quality in design, construction, and service of buildings. New SBUs were added to our portfolio under The Business Centre, a co-working space and serviced offices and The Management Development Centre for hosting business workshops and events professionally. We earned the highest credit rating in the real estate sector, the AA2 Credit Rating, achieved our first LEED Certification for the prestigious BTI LANDMARK on Gulshan Avenue, and successfully organized the first-ever expo showcasing the largest number of newly launched homes in the history of Bangladesh.

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    2020 saw the launch of a new category of residences, termed 'Wellness Communities'. These apartments have Smart Home features as well as all facilities required to maintain a fit & healthy lifestyle. Deep emphasis has been placed on greenery and open space for mental wellbeing.

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    In 2021 we launched a new SBU called Get Smart by bti, through which we have introduced innovative home automation products for our customers. These products are geared to provide safety, security, style, and incredible functionality even remotely in some cases.

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    bti received the acclaimed AA1 credit rating from Credit Rating Agency of Bangladesh (CRAB). The AA1 credit rating certifies that we have superior ability to meet financial obligations and project needs on time. Up to May 2022, we have handed over 390 projects in Dhaka and Chattogram. Currently, there are 56 ongoing projects and more upcoming projects, which resonates a satisfactory financial stance, great reputation, very low risk of defaulting, and good business growth.

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List of our completed projects in various neighborhoods

  • 1984-1990
  • 1991-1995
  • 1996-2000
  • 2001-2005
  • 2006-2010
  • 2011-2015
  • 2016-2017
  • 2018-2020
  • 2021-2023
  • Centara Grand Green Road (2021)
  • New Haven Chattogram (2021)
  • Belvoir Castle Uttara (2021)
  • Gem Garden Banani (2021)
  • Enclave Dhanmondi (2021)
  • Palacio Bashundhara (2021)
  • Shopnochura Uttara (2021)
  • Accolade Wari (2021)
  • Primavera Banani (2021)
  • Camelia Kalabagan (2021)
  • Lily Uttara (2021)
  • Pinewood Bashundhara (2021)
  • Lake Palisade Dhanmondi (2021)
  • The Prominence Chattogram (2021)
  • Windflower Baridhara (2021)
  • Palm Grove Banani (2021)
  • La Verna Bashundhara (2021)
  • Spring Blossom Aftabnagar (2022)
  • Afnaan Lalmatia (2022)
  • Venetian Lalmatia (2022)
  • Wish Indira Road (2022)
  • Parliament View Lalmatia (2022)
  • Junction 54 Uttara (2022)
  • Ambiance Moghbazar (2022)
  • Montpiller Uttara (2022)
  • Chancellor Uttara (2022)
  • La Esencia Uttara (2022)
  • Springdale Khilkhet (2022)
  • Royal Oaks Bashundhara (2022)
  • Green Meadow Bashundhara (2022)
  • Sorrento Chattogram (2023)
  • The Muse Khilgaon (2023)
  • Park Panorama Gulshan (2023)
  • Grand Nawab CTG (2023)
  • Rose Cottage Banani (2023)
  • Shopnobilash Savar (2023)
  • Rosarium Malibagh (2023)
  • Axis Apartment Lalmatia (2023)
  • Dolce Vita Lichu Bagan (2023)
  • THREE Gulshan (2023)
  • Celestile Heights Gulshan (2023)
  • Dandelion Baridhara (2023)
  • Clementi Uttara (2023)
  • The Abode Ctg (2023)
  • The Nest Mirpur (2023)
  • City Lite Mirpur (2023)
  • Pacifica Uttara (2023)

We understand real estate. Period.

Our claim to fame is our due diligence towards handing over projects as per the schedule and promised time and our brand name is synonymous with reliability and dedication. We thrive on customer satisfaction and stay committed to serving them years after handing over their investments.


We have specialized teams dealing with targeted customer groups of our 'Classic Collection', 'Wellness Communities', 'Commercial Collection' and 'Luxury Collection'. These collections have been created as a result of thorough market analysis and years of experience in the sector.


We are the only real estate firm with several other businesses linked to the sector itself, essentially providing a one-stop solution for all our customers. We believe in constantly evolving and have introduced new features in our homes like home automation, beautiful landscaping, and wellness facilities.


In short, in nearly four decades, we have developed systems to deliver excellent homes and business spaces for customers in various segments of the market. To experience the joy of homeownership, to work with us as a Joint Venture Partner, or to invest in real estate, drop in your queries or comments.