"Real Estate provides the highest returns, the greatest values and the least risk." -- Armstrong Williams
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7 Tips for Effortlessly Moving Into Your New Apartment
May 14, 2024 Tips

7 Tips for Effortlessly Moving Into Your New Apartment

Moving into a new apartment can be an exciting yet... Continue Reading

is quality of construction important in real estate development 538420
April 21, 2024 Real Estate Industry

Is Quality of Construction Important in Real Estate Development?

These days the number of new real estate developers popping... Continue Reading

pros and cons of homeowner associations 023237
April 8, 2024 Tips

Pros and Cons of Homeowner Associations

Homeowner Associations HOAs are now prevalent in residential communities worldwide... Continue Reading

a comprehensive guide to fire hazards and safety measurements 494545
March 21, 2024 Tips

A Comprehensive Guide to Fire Hazards and Safety Measurements

Fire is an immensely powerful force that if not handled... Continue Reading

pros and cons of living in a smart home 829472
March 16, 2024 Apartment Living

Pros and Cons of Living in a Smart Home

In the everevolving landscape of modern living the concept of... Continue Reading

everything about property taxes in bangladesh 987279
March 5, 2024 Tips

Everything About Property Taxes in Bangladesh

Wherever in the world you decide to go owning property... Continue Reading

bti blog image 02 198031
February 25, 2024 Investment Decision

What to Look for When Investing in Your First Apartment

Investing in your first apartment can prove to be a... Continue Reading

how to find a real estate developer suited to you 807560
February 5, 2024 Real Estate Industry

How to Find a Real Estate Developer Suited to You

Investing in real estate is a significant decision that requires... Continue Reading

why family size should determine your choice of apartment 017580
January 17, 2024 Apartment Living

Why Family Size Should Determine Your Choice of Apartment

One of the major decisions of our adult lives is... Continue Reading

shaping bangladeshi architecture with modern design 539268
January 13, 2024 Investment Decision

Shaping Bangladeshi Architecture with Modern Design

Introduction Bangladesh with its rich cultural heritage and diverse landscapes... Continue Reading

spotlight top areas in dhaka for real estate investment 672181
December 19, 2023 Investment Decision

Spotlight: Top Areas in Dhaka for Real Estate Investment

Newer generations are smarter and have a clearer perception of... Continue Reading

bti blog image 11 dec 777734
December 11, 2023 Investment Decision

Real Estate Bangladesh 2024: Anticipated Trends and Transformations

Introduction The real estate market in Bangladesh has been a... Continue Reading

the stellar women taking the nation forward 776547
November 19, 2023 Real Estate Industry

The Stellar Women Taking the Nation Forward

Women of today are not stuck to the confines of... Continue Reading

develop land with bti higher quality better long term returns 585869
November 14, 2023 Investment Decision

Develop Land with bti: Higher Quality, Better Long-term Returns

As a landowner finding the right developer for their land... Continue Reading

maintaining construction quality is our forte 182177
October 28, 2023 Investment Decision

Maintaining Construction Quality is our Forte

In the world of real estate and construction where precision... Continue Reading

choose a developer who offers pre post handover benefits 800898
October 8, 2023 Investment Decision

Choose a Developer who Offers Pre & Post-handover Benefits

Introduction When investing in a new home one of the... Continue Reading

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