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Work Environment

We nurture a trusting and non-superfluous work environment with easy communication and a team-building spirit among all employees. We prefer team players and believe in empowering everyone, where an ownership mindset breeds collaboration, not competition. We thrive in an environment of respect, integrity, and cooperation.

Workplace Culture

We are a customer-centric company with 40 years of experience in real estate. Though development, change, and growth have no boundaries, being customer-centric will always be the backbone of all our efforts. To achieve excellence, we welcome changes to the way we work and encourage new ideas. We appreciate decision-makers and encourage breaking away from the 'yes' culture prevalent in the country. We are hardworking and expect everyone to be so too.
We encourage you to apply to your area of interest at bti or work with us in any one of our Strategic Business Units (SBU). There will always be something to suit your interest that will be mutually beneficial and help you thrive alongside us!

Work Values

A brilliant blend of our mission, vision and core values provides all bti members an insight into the company's existence, expected work ethics, and goals to achieve collectively and individually. We believe in team play and growing alongside others with a commonality of these values. We insist that all bti members, new and old, understand and practice this combo to achieve growth harmoniously.