Wellness Communities: State-of-the-art Features In A Gated Community For A Healthy Lifestyle


A life free of stress makes you happier in the long run. With that in consideration, our Wellness Communities have been designed to give you the ultimate experience of safety and sense of security. You can live in peace and comfort thanks to our new and innovative features. The entire community would benefit by staying safely cocooned inside the complex with the benefit of various wellness features!

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A sedentary life combined with excessive use of technology can make you unhappy and unhealthy. Going to the gym itself is a long journey, especially after a long tiring day or after waking up in the morning. Therefore, we brought the gym to you so that you don’t have to leave the complex. Experts recommend maintaining fitness and also relaxing for peace of mind. Train with world-class fitness trainers, using modern equipment, and rest in the steamy corners of the sauna! The experience will leave a toned healthy body and a relaxed mind for years to come. The gym is available for everyone, so feel free to meet people as you come and go.

A Vibrant Swimming Pool For You To Take A Dip In!


When it is too hot outside, you might feel like visiting the countryside, the cool breezy mountains, or the beach. But what if there was a swimming pool brought to you right inside your complex? No need of going outside, simply relax and enjoy your summers in the community swimming pool designed for all ages. Revel in the stunning view of the complex and the city at large from the rooftop, sip in your juice and dive in for that beachy feeling you have been missing all along! With access to changing rooms for both males and females and shower systems to wash off your tiredness, the swimming pool may end up being your favorite place for recreation. Hang out at the rooftop and hold pool parties with your neighbors and friends and create everlasting bonds without leaving the complex!

Create Natural Space Within Your Vicinity!


We understand the importance of nature and how it contributes to your holistic health and overall wellbeing. A breath of fresh air, the smell of rain, a lovely coffee next to your self-made garden while reading a book, enjoy the simple pleasures of life without the presence of pollutants. To incorporate as much greenery as possible, we have created gardening spaces within the rooftop, where your family can exercise their gardening skills. Fellow neighbors and community members can join as well. Not only would this be a fun way to socialize, it would also instill positivity, and thus wellness, within the entire community.

Enjoy The Great Outdoors!


The soothing greenery and chirping sounds of birds could surely make you feel more relaxed and positive. Wander around or feel free to join the meditation sessions. While maintaining fitness is important to health, maintaining a positive psyche is also crucial. Anything that builds spirituality can directly benefit your health and happiness. Breathe in fresh air and contemplate on the beauties of life, surrounded by tranquility and practise yoga indoors in the yoga studio. Bring your fitness buddies along as well for extra encouragement! Free hand exercises, aerobics, dance sessions such as zumba can be added for a little more oomph!

Play Area For Your Tiny Bundle of Joy!


Tired of your child playing computer games and phones all day? We have the solution. It is important for every child to take part in outdoor activity and foster positive relationships with other children. Keeping this in mind, we have introduced designated play areas for your children, where they can play and engage with each other in peace. You can organize tournaments and competitions for them here, to instill healthy patterns of activity. The more they communicate and make friends, the more positive they will be. And what could be more satisfying, than your child’s happiness and good health?

Go On A Walking Spree With Your Family


While swimming, yoga, meditation, and hitting the gym are important to maintain fitness, another crucial aspect is walking. Crammed up in tiny spaces, finding a safe space to walk around in Dhaka is quite difficult. Our spacious walkways built within the complex are meant to do exactly opposite of that! You do not have to worry about maintaining social distance or physical contact thanks to the open greenery around the walking space. Whether you walk solo or in groups, using appropriate safety measures can help curb the spread of diseases and also create a fun atmosphere for the community as a whole.


State-of-the-art Automation Features In A Gated Community


A life free of stress makes you happier in the long run. With that in consideration, our Wellness projects have been designed to give you the ultimate experience of safety and sense of security. You can remain worry and stress-free and be thankful to our new and innovative home automation features. With these features, you do not need to worry about breaking and entering issues, hazardous situations, or unwanted contacts. The entire community would benefit by staying safely cocooned inside the complex!

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