10 Decorating Secrets for a Small Home

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March 15, 2020 Apartment Living

Our home reflects our personality. Decorating a small home can be a bit of a puzzle. We dream to add our taste to the décor instead of making it chaotic. The place we live at is an album of our memories; we like to envision how it is going to be arranged. Even so, when it comes to comparatively smaller homes, it becomes a bit challenging. That is why we have to give a little more thought about the décor of such homes. Today we come with 10 secrets which can give any small home a very elegant look-

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Bright lights add an aesthetic touch to the home. As smaller homes generally have lesser doors and windows, the ambience gets a bit darker. Insufficient natural lights can easily be replaced by artificial lights. We can get different kinds of beautiful lights which will cheer up the whole place.


Mirrors might be the oldest trick to make any small area look bigger. The reflection of light from the mirrors instantly makes our home brighter and wider. Mirrors add an artistic vibe to the place by creating an illusion which do not take much space but can do wonders to the visual of the entire area.

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Open space

However small the place might be, clear and open floors look larger. Which is why we can choose hanging lights or showpieces instead of the ones we keep on the floors. Besides, a lot of decorative pieces on the floor make it messy and lessen the beauty of the home.

Green plants and flowers

Flowers, green and aromatic plants can illuminate the entire space. We can decorate our home with a variety of plants and flowers as these breathe life. If we think our place is not big enough to feel free and relaxing, these plants can certainly bring in that essence. However, these have to be taken care of very regularly as dead plants or flowers can have the opposite effect.

Partial glass walls

Another secret to decorating small homes is a partial glass wall in between two rooms. It is usually applied to the dining and living spaces. The glass walls separate the rooms and at the same time create a wide vibe within. These are also aesthetically pleasing and can add a chic touch to our home.

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Neutral paints

Although bright paints can make any space brighter, but for smaller spaces, it is actually wise to choose neutral colors. Neutral toned walls can bring a comforting and peaceful vibe while too many vivid colors or printed walls can be a bit chaotic. However, using a bold color for one of these walls might also be a good idea.

Putting away unwanted things

It is not a secret that we have a lot of things in our home which we do not need or might not need for a long time. It is better to put away such things. Unnecessary things increase clutter and take a lot of space of the home making it look even smaller than it really is.

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Big rugs/carpets

Many people might not know this, but the sizes of the rugs or carpets can make spaces look smaller or bigger. It is wise to use bigger rugs in small rooms because smaller ones make the rooms even smaller. Rugs on the floor bring in an aura of style to the home as well.

Big furniture

Similarly, bigger furniture is a big yes for comparatively small homes. Furnishings with multi-use can help to keep the rooms free. We need to be smart while shopping for furniture, whether our home is big or a small one.

Full-height windows

It is another trick to make any small room look bigger. Full-height windows allow the flow of more light and create an illusion of a bigger space.

Decorating small homes can be slightly challenging but that does not mean we have to sacrifice the desire to adorn our home. A little planning and a few tricks can make our small homes look as beautiful and elegant as any other home. There are several interior design experts nowadays which can be of great help. bti Interior Solutions is one of such. For more information about bti Interior Solutions please visit https://www.btibd.com/interiors/