3 Shortcuts to a More Organized Home

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August 20, 2017 Apartment Living

Between working and managing your family, you might find yourself struggling to keep up with a well organized, clean and aesthetic apartment décorDeclutter your home and give your home room for breathing. There are simple things you can turn do regularly to transform your home into a space neat freaks will envy. Here is a list of 3 easy tips to a well-organized home.

Keep clothes in proper places

One of the terrible habits of apartment dwellers is to put clothes here and there- chairs, bathroom floors and so on. If you live in a small apartment where you have to share the bathroom with several other members, then it can be a problem. What you can do is keep them in a laundry hamper to avoid creating a mess. The hamper can also add to your bathroom décor with its texture and color.

You should also make sure your bedroom is not littered with clothes. Keep them in a closet where clothes actually belong. If you do not have the time to fold or press, you can dedicate separate drawers or chambers, one in which you place the pressed shirts, dresses and another where you put the clothes that you need to send to laundry or iron for another time.

Clear the bed and nightstand

The bedroom is one of the most used rooms in an apartment where you spend a lot of time relaxing so it’s easy to forget to actually take care of the place and keep it proper. When you are heading for work, you might feel too languid to make the bed but if you leave an unmade bed and come back to it, the disheveled status of the room can irritate you.  Use color bedspreads and pillows to add a burst of color in your apartment décor.

Apart from making your bed and keeping it comfy, you also need to declutter your nightstand which can accumulate a lot of stuff over time. Make sure to keep only the necessities such as alarm clock, glass of water, table lamp and so on and discard any empty bottles, phone chargers etc.

Keep the entryway clear

Although many small apartments lack an entryway, it is severely needed in all homes. You can dedicate just a tiny corner for storing essentials when a visitor comes or for your own family members. You need to make sure everything serves a purpose, for example, you can place a bowl or hang a key holder for storing keys, a rack for shoes, or umbrellas. If you lack space, then it is best to use wall hangers and a small shelf or table. Accessorize with a lamp shade or flower vase to add a personal touch to your apartment décor.

In the midst of your hectic schedule, find some spare time to clean, declutter the most used rooms in your apartment such as bedroom, bathroom, entryway, kitchen. Dedicate a time slot of 5 to 10 minutes and in no time you will be the proud home keeper of a well-organized home.