37 Years of Making Home ownership a Joyful Experience: Happy Birthday, bti!

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bti 37 years
February 26, 2020 Real Estate Industry

In its pursuit of excellence, building technology and ideas ltd. has spent 37 glorious years striving to be the best in the real estate industry in the country. bti now stands as the pioneering company in the industry, a position it has achieved through hard work, dedication and ethics. Looking back, the road hasn’t always been smooth; the journey of around 4 decades has been that of many ups and downs. Nevertheless, bti proudly remembers all the challenges it has faced and the effort that it took to overcome those. From a small office in the BRTC building where it started back in 1984, bti stepped into the real estate business with a strong vision to offer viable housing solutions to all the people of our society. And from that small office, bti now has been working in its own building, bti Celebration Point, for almost two decades.

A Journey of Achievements

From the beginning, bti has been a step ahead of its competitors by taking initiatives unheard of in the industry. One of its most significant initiatives was to introduce and implement joint venture approach in Bangladesh. Moreover, being the founding member of Real Estate Housing Association of Bangladesh (REHAB) with REHAB membership number 001, it has established itself as a reputed company in the business. It was also awarded with ISO 9001, and AA3 by Credit Rating from the prestigious Credit Rating Agency of Bangladesh (CRAB), which has later been upgraded to AA2. Recently, bti Landmark bagged the ESSAB Safety Excellence Award for implementing International Fire Compliance safety system in its premises.

A Tale of Growth and Evolution

In 2001, bti expanded its business to Chittagong. To keep true to its vision, bti offers different categories for the different classes of people. It also has a separate Commercial Collection, tending to the commercial real estate needs of our society. Bti, later, also introduced Chayabithi, a gated community, as a part of affordable housing. The following decade led bti to renovate to keep up with its expanding structure, develop its people, and branding was taken to another level by digitalizing its communication platforms. Today, bti is a renowned brand, not just a company in the industry.

bti, with its unceasing effort and dedication, strongly kept its ground throughout thick and thin. It emerged through the hard times unscratched, as bti kept up with growing competition and earned a great reputation. It developed itself as a trustworthy company by always ensuring on-time handover, excellent construction quality, and incomparable customer service. In fact, one of bti’s practicing values is to win the customers’ heart, and it does so in every way. Not only the customers, bti believes that its employees are its most valuable asset, and so, in the bti family, every member is treated with utmost respect and dignity. On top of that, besides the real estate sector, it tries to develop all aspects of our society constantly, a prominent example being the sponsorship it provides to the national team golfers. Through this, bti not only empowers the existing golfers and keeps the sport alive, but also inspires the youth to participate in it. Moreover, it continuously hosts community activities, such as art competitions, fire drills in schools/residential complex/commercial complex, etc. to carry out its responsibilities towards the society. It also contributes to relief funds and distributes winter clothes among its various other community service activities.

A Path full of New Beginnings

In the recent years, bti has its business expanded to different streams, from contracting to property management; bti has now established itself as a one stop real estate solution. Since bti really cares about what it is putting into the market, it ensures quality at its core through bti Building Products. Concrete hollow blocks was one of our ventures, which shows how the company keeps in mind its corporate responsibility and considers the ecological implications of its products.

Another of its prominent ventures is bti Interior Solutions, through which it provides world-class interior service to residential as well as commercial projects. It customizes your space keeping in mind your taste, while incorporating themes and design that are modern and functional. It provides both consultancy and design and project management, making sure that from conceptualizing to materializing the project- everything is perfect.

bti Brokerage too is renowned for the professional service it offers for buying, selling and renting of properties. What differentiates it in the market is the hassle-free service it provides to its customers throughout the process of buying, selling or renting of properties. The expert and highly professional team not only takes care of all the documents and paper works, but also financial matters are addressed by the team, keeping you out of any undesirable situation in the process.

A Story of Love that Continues

bti, as it shows, has many achievements; however the greatest achievement of bti will always be the place it has won in the 5000+ customers’ hearts and the name it has made in the real estate industry of Bangladesh. In its 37th birthday, it takes another step towards becoming an international brand, and to make homeownership a joyful experience for each and every person of our society.