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February 11, 2017 Investment Decision

In today’s modern era, apartment living is in vogue even in Bangladesh. It has replaced single unit homes and traditional homes. Buying an apartment in Bangladesh offers a multitude of benefits, such as car parking, lift, uninterrupted power supply etc. However, first-time homebuyers especially those who want something more look for added advantages in the property they are buying. Here are top 4 apartment features that attract today’s homebuyers.

Functional design

When looking for apartments for sale, several factors primarily influence apartment buyers, such as apartment layout, apartment size, apartment location and so on. All of these in combination present an ideal home for prospective buyers. For instance, if you want a bright and well-ventilated apartment, then you might look for apartments on corner plot. As this feature is appealing to you, you won’t hesitate paying the extra money. Also if you like open views and light you might choose a top floor apartment. Basically, although definition of functional design varies from one buyer to another, the ultimate goal is to find a home that gives you a comfortable apartment living experience.

Heightened security

Sure apartments are said to be already safer than traditional property owning to community living, security guard etc. But when residing in Bangladesh, home security can expand to include fire protection system, earthquake resistance feature and heightened security in apartment building through use of intercom, CCTV monitoring, swipe card entries etc. After all buying an apartment is hugely for ensuring the security of your loved ones, so every security feature of your apartment counts.

Lifestyle amenities

Most people today do not have spare time as both partners are working 9 to 5 jobs after which there is hardly any time left. This is why real estate developers in Bangladesh include apartment features like  BBQ space, community hall, playground area to enhance lifestyle of apartment residents. You don’t have time to take your kids to a nearby park? The play ground area is just on the ground floor. You want to enjoy a BBQ night with family on a hot summer night?  All you have to do is head over to your rooftop. This way you do not have to waste hours sitting in traffic of Dhaka city.

Energy efficiency

Modern home makers today aren’t just satisfied with standard apartment fittings and fixtures, since people today are increasingly budget conscious. Therefore, when looking to buy flat for sale, check the energy efficiency, such as whether the fittings and fixtures are energy saving or not.  Apartment features, such as motion sensor water taps and lights are also great energy savers and can help curtail your utility bills.

So if you are looking to buy apartment in Bangladesh, consider these apartment features to make sure you know the apartment price is worth what you are paying for. You can start your search by looking at bti properties for sale.