4 Real Estate Myths Demystified

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March 30, 2022 Real Estate Industry

The would-be homeowners often fall into despondency thinking that their hard-earned money will go in vain if they trust any Bangladeshi real estate company. Maybe you overheard a conversation from your friends, family, colleagues, or read somewhere on the internet about the various rumours that surround the real estate industry. Not everything you hear or see necessarily has to be true. Amongst this cloud of insecurity and fear, bti became the flagbearer of transparency and honesty for nearly 4 decades. As a result, we have become the most trusted real estate solution provider in Bangladesh, leading the industry with design excellence, patented construction quality, and amazing customer-centricity. Here we have listed down the myths prevailing in real estate and how we at bti tackled them all with victory.

Real estate developers are not reliable enough

There are a variety of reasons why people are dubious about real estate companies. The prime causes are:

  • They compromise with quality
  • Conduct fraud with people’s money 
  • Gap between the Expected and Actual outcome 
  • Failure to handover on time
  • Discrepancy in apartment sizes
  • Promises one thing but delivers something else  

Although these might be true for several companies, it is certainly not true for bti and other reputed real estate solution providers, Generally, people tend to generalize such situations. They believe what is true for one company can be equally true for another. This can lead prospective homeowners not to rely on trusted developers.  In that case, a wise decision would be to look for those that have a legacy of handing over projects on time. bti has a rich portfolio of delivering projects not only on time but also ahead of schedule. If you are a prospective homeowner looking for a reliable and trusted real estate company then why not go for the one that is a pioneer in the real estate sector? Ask any bti customers and they will vouch for us

Customers’ preference is barely prioritized

Once real estate developers are successful in convincing the customers to give all their hard-earned money, they just vanish! They do not care about customers’ preferences that are supposed to be prioritized the most. Hence, before jumping into making any decision you can list down some key points to check whether you are trusting the right real estate company or not. For example:

  • Check whether the company is enlisted in REHAB or not. 
  • Look for the accreditations and credit score. 
  • Research about their records of successful handovers. 

bti, on the other hand, has been winning the hearts of the customers for nearly 4 decades. This has hugely impacted the formation of our business model, right from our initial days when we founded REHAB with other developers. We have an AA2 credit rating and multiple ISO certifications which prove our quality of work and service. Customers’ dreams, visions, and preferences are what we have always emphasized on. For that purpose, bti has always taken into consideration even the smallest needs of our customers from the very beginning to after-sales service and this has resulted in having a list of 6000+ happy customers- a proud heritage of bti. Our customers keep coming back for more services, which is what established the House of bti, a wide range of real estate services to give them one-stop real estate solutions.

Construction quality is compromised

Another myth people tend to believe is that companies are not careful enough to look after the architectural aspects of building homes which is mandatory before construction. This implies that they do not follow any proper planning for high-quality construction. Consequently, disasters like earthquakes or fire incidents cause irreparable losses to lives and properties. Apparently, some companies seem to be trustworthy, and several customers also fall into the trap of the sugarcoated words of the agents. Moreover, such companies do not even follow the rules and regulations of RAJUK, do not have credit ratings nor are members of REHAB either. However, there are companies like bti, which from the very beginning of a project, meticulously follows their own Construction Critical Path Method (CPM) to ensure the success rate of the project as much as possible. Our work process, the finest workmanship, and the use of superior building materials have enabled us to maintain top-tier construction quality with on-time handovers.  

Defects in design

One of the most common myths that exist in real estate is the negligence of the design paradigm and not adhering to the customer’s vision. Therefore, customers often without doing a bit of research fall for the attractive advertisements and false hope given by fraud agents. After completion, many complain about the size of the house as most of the time it does not match as promised. Moreover, the lack of aesthetics and functionality in space is also a drawback. The consolidation of optimization and innovative design concepts is a dire need of the present time. The proper incorporation of light, air, and biophilic design has garnered massive applause from our customers. bti has received ISO certificates twice and the prestigious LEED gold certification for design excellence. Not only that, bti provides earthquake-resistant homes with fire safety measures which enabled us to achieve ESSAB safety awards. So, when you own a bti home you not only get a house made of concrete but also a home of design excellence where you feel safe and happy.

After you have decided to build your long-cherished home, it is important to do your research to choose the most reliable real estate solution provider. This is a lifelong investment that needs to be invested wisely. Because, it is always better to look before you leap!