4 Things to Think About Before Buying an Apartment

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4 things to think about before buying an apartment 450392
July 17, 2022 Tips

Buying a property is no piece of cake. Even with tremendous digitization and government incentives for investment, many people still make the wrong choices and end up losing hefty sums of money and putting extra efforts. A little more information can help them make smarter, less time-consuming choices. If you plan things ahead and follow these guidelines, you will certainly get the perfect apartment without wasting time, money, or effort. 


Prepare Yourself for the Paperwork

When you consider buying an apartment, you will be slapped with an insane amount of paperwork, and even more so if you are considering home loans. You should proceed with the contract only when you are fully ready to buy the apartment and have your side of negotiations ready. The land may be disputed, so you should check up on that. You should also go through the deed of agreement, registration, home loan documents and all other contracts you come across with thoroughly. Only when you are satisfied with all points mentioned in the paper and feel that the transfer of ownership is fully legit should you go ahead.


Better Hire Realtors

You have two options. Either you can consult with an individual broker whom you know about via word of mouth, or you can consult a professional broker whose expertise in real estate is well-known and respected. We would recommend staying away from individual brokers because they do not belong to any particular institution and can make a run for your money, without guaranteeing you anything. Such cases of fraud are not unheard of. Many non-residential Bangladeshis bear the dire losses by connecting with fraud brokers. When you consult with a professional real estate broker, you can talk to legal experts, financial advisors, and sales agents who know the lay of the land better than you do, and can correctly advise you. For example, bti Brokerage helps connect the right buyer with the right seller, and then implements a safe & reliable transfer of ownership with the interests of both parties safeguarded. It helps buyers to avail financial assistance, home shifting services, detailed home inspection, and more. So you get an apartment at your budget and needs and the seller gets a suitable return of investment.


Commitment is Key

If you have a great situation in your life at the moment, it does not necessarily mean that now is the right time to buy an apartment. It is not necessarily the next step to success. Rather, you should take your time in making such an important financial decision. Your current financial situation might change, or your family might want to relocate somewhere else, or you may need to sell the apartment as soon as you move in. You never know what goes on in your life, and so if you do not see yourself living in the home you are thinking of buying in the future, do not go ahead with the deal. Get a lawyer if necessary to help you sort through your confusion. Only buy when you know you can afford the monthly installments and service charges. 

Take a good look at the developer you are buying from. What is their financial credibility? Do they have any achievements to show and are they truly experts in their fields? Commitment from their side is also important. Take a look at our portfolio. bti is a prestigious and leading real estate company of Bangladesh, serving the nation for 39 years with a streak of excellence in customer centricity, design excellence, quality of construction, and reliability. We are a  household name for a reason. So, if you are buying a bti home, you really have nothing to worry about.


Be Optimistic About Changes

Your challenges are really not over even after you seal the deal. Your home will still require all out interior design, new paintwork, or even renovation. You have to be prepared about these costs but also be optimistic about it. Making changes to the kitchen and bathrooms are also costly. Costs can change over time due to fluctuating prices of building materials and labor costs. To get amazing interior design and consultation for your home at a decent price, you can talk to our experts at Square Feet Story. They can also help you with landscaping, construction management, and architecture. Also, bti Property Management can help you by providing exemplary after sales services, such as electromechanical maintenance, plumbing repairs, renovation, gardening, hiring security and property managers, etc. Upkeep of swimming pools and other features in the property and paying taxes and service charges altogether can put you in a tight spot. If you have other personal loans it will become even more difficult. Assess your financial situation and take into account all the potential changes that will happen once you sign the deed of agreement. Remember that the price you are buying the apartment for is not the end of the chapter!

If your gut tells you that you cannot follow through any of these points, you should not buy an apartment now. Buying a home is not everyone’s cup of tea. It is better to wait it out and consider further options. However, if you can plan your finances well, use your savings smartly and if there are no existing financial issues holding you back, you should buy a home by all means. If you are willing to buy an apartment from bti, look no further. Call 16604 or visit our website www.btibd.com to explore our collection of amazing apartments in Dhaka and Chattogram.