5 Apartment Décor Ideas for the Travel Lovers!

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May 27, 2017 Apartment Living

Do you have a wanderer’s soul, one who cannot get enough of visiting foreign cities and dreaming of lush green landscapes?  A traveler’s thirst for visiting is hard to quench and unfortunately, not everyone has the time or budget for such extravagant hobbies. However, what if you could recreate your enthusiasm of exploration right within your very apartment? Here are 5 apartment décor ideas for the travel lovers!

Feature wall with maps

Decorate your living room with a large map and create a stunning feature wall which your traveler’s soul is sure to love. Choose colors that are complementary to your overall apartment décor. You do not want the map to look like the drawing of a school going kid. I would suggest going for neutral or sober colors such as white outlined map on a gray wall or a reverse of it. You can also hang photo frames on locations of the map where you have toured. This way you can showcase your fond memories of trips abroad in your living room wall.

Decorate with globes

Another fun apartment decorating idea with travel theme is to incorporate globes in your living room interior décor. You can find globes of various sizes ranging from small to medium to large. If you have a small apartment, then it is best to stick to the small or medium sized ones. Place it on a side table and accessorize with other apartment décor items like a flower vase, a candle stand and so on. If you get lucky while shopping you can find home décor items in the form of globes such as table lamps.

Postcard art gallery

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Remember when you were a child and used to love collecting postcards? Postcard gallery is another simple yet awesome apartment decorating idea for showcasing your worldly flair. You can even ask your friends and families who travel or live abroad to send you postcards. This way you will add to your collection even places you have not visited. You may decorate your wall with stylish framed postcards for an elegant look or for a casual outlook, simply use a string with paper clips to display your array of postcards.

Suitcases as storage space

Use your old suitcases or trunks to add to your travel themed apartment décor. These create a vintage feel to your apartment and also make for great storage spaces. You can place books, magazine, small items inside the suitcase while using the outside as a makeshift table. Stack multiple suitcases of different sizes and colors to create the table. However, if you have a kid in your home, it might not be a very practical idea as kids may topple the stacked suitcases.

Memory jars

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This is a great DIY apartment decorating idea where you can use jars and place souvenirs, trinkets, personalized messages and decorations inside the jar to display your travel excursions.  You can also involve your kids to showcase their artistic talent in creating these nifty jars. But make sure you do not overstuff the jar as it will ruin the beauty, instead keep it simple and sober.

Hopefully, these nifty apartment décor ideas will inspire you to decorate your apartment in a traveler theme, especially if you have a bohemian soul. For more apartment design inspiration, you can consult bti interior solutions.