5 Benefits of Incorporating Nature into Your Home

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April 2, 2019 Apartment Living

Plants do not just add to the interior décor of your home with their greenery, did you know they are also beneficial for your health? Apart from creating a more relaxed, tranquil ambience in your home, placing plants in your home hosts a number of physical and mental benefits, as has been shown by several researches.

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Improves indoor air quality

Indoor air quality is a growing health concern in today’s world, especially in cities like Dhaka, where pollution is rampant. Studies show that indoor pollution can be much worse than outdoor pollution because of closed in spaces. Keeping plants in a home can reduce this indoor pollution. Several studies conducted verify that common house plants such as lady palm, bamboo palm, ivy or fern greatly improve air quality inside your home by removing pollutants. As a result, you now have a healthier life thanks to your green friend.

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Provides better resistance against colds

We all know that plants have many medicinal benefits. However, you might be astonished to know that plants are not just used in medicines for diseases but keeping plants indoors can be a preventive measure to reduce common cold.  Research attributes this finding to the fact that plants help to control humidity and temperature in a room through their metabolism. Therefore, next time it’s winter; keep some houseplants in your home. They will aid to keep you warm and prevent you from catching the dreaded seasonal cold.

Makes breathing easier

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One of the major functions of plants in human lives is that plants produce oxygen that humans require for staying alive. As a consequence, keeping plants in your home means you have more oxygen. So you breathe easier. This is a particularly helpful tip for people with respiratory problems like asthma. Having a high oxygen level in your home also keeps headache at bay , as your brain always gets a continuous supply of it from your houseplants.

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Helps you focus

Who could have perceived that having greenery in your line of sight can improve your concentration skills? It is in fact tried and true as research indicates. This is because when you are working nonstop, your mind gets saturated. Green plants within your sight act as focal points and offer you the break your brain desires intermittently. As a result, you will find you perform better, even without realizing you owe it to your potted plant.

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Makes you happier

You can add potted flowers, or blooming plants to improve your mood as well. Flowers elevate your mood with their aesthetics and fragrance. Flowers provide a soothing effect, thereby reducing your stress levels.  Because of this positive energy you feel more relaxed, secure, and happy in your life. Ultimately, flowers enable you to have a more positive outlook on your life, bringing you both pleasant visual stimulation and increasing your sense of perceived happiness.

Now that you know, all the added benefits of incorporating greenery in your homes, hopefully you will be inspired to grow your green thumb and enjoy a healthier, beautiful life in your home with your green pals.