5 Cool Lighting Ideas for Modern Living Room!

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May 29, 2017 Apartment Living

When it comes to decorating your apartment living room, lighting plays an important role in setting up the perfect ambiance to make you feel right at home. There are several options available when it comes to choosing lighting fixtures and styles for your apartment living room. Whether you want to go for a minimalist décor or luxurious apartment décor, the right lighting fixture can help you achieve it. Here are some of the cool ways you can light up your apartment living room.


Chandeliers are practically timeless that has been used since the time of royalty. Whether you live in a luxury apartment or not, a centerpiece chandelier in your apartment can instantly transform it into a luxury apartment from an ordinary home. There are several types of chandeliers available in the market such as crystal chandeliers, candle chandeliers, shaded chandeliers and so on. Apart from adding the opulence factor to your interior design, an ideally located chandelier can be sufficient on its own thereby reducing your overall electricity bill.



The pendant is another form of lighting that is a great companion for those seeking a minimalist apartment décor.  When buying pendants for decorating your apartment consider the pendant size as and room space.  Pendant lights have extension cords which you can adjust to alter hanging height from the ceiling according to your room height. Make sure it doesn’t hang too low. For decorating a living room, you can choose shaded pendants with fabrics or for a luxury vibe choose multi-light pendants. These come with a minimum of three to a maximum of ten light bulbs and can function as an alternative to chandeliers.

False ceiling lighting

In modern apartment features, a false ceiling is a great addition to being functional as well as decorative. If your apartment living room contains this feature, you can utilize it with decorative ceiling lighting to add a contemporary vibe to your apartment décor. You can fit LED lights inside your false ceiling in different corners of your home and use as much light as necessary. Since they are in close proximity to the floor, they offer brighter lighting.

Wall Sconces

Wall sconce is another traditional lighting that has evolved into an array of various designs, shapes, and styles. Although wall sconces can be used in any room of your apartment- be it a bedroom, bathroom, dining or living room, it is important to pay attention to the purpose and room in which you will be placing the wall sconce. For a small living room, you can choose a wall mounted sconce pointing upwards which will cast light upwards and make the room look bigger.  If you have a luxury apartment with huge space, choose sconce pointing downwards which will make the room feel warm and cozy. For soft lighting, you can also fit a half moon wall sconce.


Lamps are generally used as supporting lighting fixtures apart from the traditional wall fixed lighting. Floor lamps blend well with your apartment living room décor as they add style and elegance. You can choose floor lamps or table lamps or both to add versatility. When buying you should take note of the variety in height and style of lamp shades to find the one that matches your living room décor.

Lighting in your apartment living room is an essential part not just for decoration purpose but also to make you feel comfortable. So make sure you implement the right lighting ideas to brighten up your living room décor. You can also consult bti interior solutions who can give you expert tips on how to light up your living room.