5 Design Tips to Expand Your Small Bathroom

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June 24, 2018 Apartment Living

If you lack space in your bathroom, then trying to fit everything into it may feel like an unsolvable puzzle. The bathroom is more than a place to shower and brush your teeth, it is a personal haven where you can relax and rejuvenate. No matter how tiny your apartment may be, your bathroom décor should be aesthetic and be accommodating for it to be the private retreat you deserve. Here we present to you 5 small bathroom design tips to make it functional and beautiful, even in a limited space.

Use a pedestal basin

Pedestal basins are a perfect match to fit into your small bathroom design because of their shapes and sizes. They take up less space than the bulky vanity cabinet basins and give your bathroom a spacious and airy outlook. They come in various styles and designs – from classic vintage to modern eclectic to suit your overall apartment decor and personal style. Pedestal basin is made of two pieces – a lower part called the “leg” and an upper part holding the “basin”. Interior design experts recommend a round shaped basin to add more space and prevent injuries possible with sharp-edged basins in a limited space. One drawback of a pedestal basin is that you lose storage space that comes with cabinet basins but this could be easily overcome in other ways. Learn how to install a pedestal sink here.

Install a medicine cabinet

Medicine cabinets are a great addition to small bathroom design fittings for storage solutions as they’re thin and take up only the wall space. You can have a mirrored medicine cabinet right above the pedestal sink where you can put toiletries, towels, napkins, toothbrush holders, and so on. This way you can easily access the toilet necessities without giving up valuable storage space.

Limit bathroom accessories

It is a no-brainer when decorating a small bathroom space that you should limit the accessories and fittings to make it look spacious and clutter-free. For instance, you should only keep the essentials and get rid of extra fittings and accessories, such as keeping only a towel ring to hang the towel instead of having an extra bar and a coat hook or get rid of the shower curtain in a tiny bathroom to free the floor space. This way your bathroom design will look neat and clean.

Expand the mirror

Mirrors are always best friends for small spaces and using an adequately sized mirror in a small bathroom is a simple yet smart bathroom design tip. Installing a large mirror can serve you in two ways – one is that two people can use it, and another is that it will make the bathroom space feel much bigger. However, when you purchase the mirror you should keep in mind the proportion of the mirror with respect to your overall bathroom size; you don’t want to take up an entire wall and fit it with the mirror instead of having a dedicated space. It is best to measure the dimensions of the wall and then buy a mirror to make sure it actually fits and looks good on your wall. For small space, it is also best if you get a mirror with no frames or edges – a simple, minimalist mirror can do wonders to uplift your entire bathroom decor!

Tweak the lighting

In a small bathroom design, it is important to give special emphasis to the lighting. Your bathroom design should have well-planned spaces for adding lighting fixtures to transform the ambience of the room and make it feel bigger. Apart from the must-have lighting over the basin area, you can go with concealed spotlights or wall mounted lighting fixtures to add a dramatic flair to your small bathroom design.

With these simple bathroom design tips and tricks, you can have the private retreat you deserve to wash away the worldly worries of your daily life. For more small bathroom design ideas, you may also consult bti interior solutions.