5 Easy Ways to Brighten up a Dark Room

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Brighten up a Dark Room
January 26, 2019 Apartment Living

When you live in an overcrowded city like Dhaka where your home does not get enough natural light, then you do not have to necessarily break the bank to brighten up your home. A few simple home renovating tricks can do wonders to improve the lighting in your otherwise dark and dreary apartment.

Ditch the heavy curtains

When you already live in a dark apartment, there is no need to use heavy fabrics as window treatment options and turn your apartment into a bat cave. Instead purge in window treatments with light fabrics such as sheer curtain or other light fabric curtains that invite daylight into your apartment. Consider the color of the fabric too. For example light colors such as cream, beige or light yellow makes a great choice to make the room feel warm and bright instead of dark colors like purple, maroon or other dark shades.

Use light colors

Paint the room in light colors like white, light grey, cream, etc. White walls are the best as they brighten up any room and amplify the light in a room. When decorating with furniture, fabrics or accessories make sure to incorporate light colors mainly. Avoid dark, wooden furniture which can make the room even darker. You can also you a light colored rug to make the space feel brighter and interesting.

Augment the daylight

Since we are talking about brightening up a dark room, having the right lighting fixture is essential to create an aesthetically pleasant atmosphere as well as provide the right illumination to carry out daily work. Use scones or overhead lighting over sofas or chairs to make the place inviting. Torchiere floor lamps are a kind of floor lamps that can be placed in any corner of room to brightly illuminate the space – consider these for your small living room or other places.

 Use colorful accessories

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When you incorporate colorful accessories into your home décor, it makes the room come alive with vibrancy. You can choose from a wide array of accessories to decorate your home and give it personality. For example, you can add statement figurines with bright colors or use colorful hand-knitted wall mats or throw pillows.

Take advantage of reflective surfaces

An easy trick to brighten up a dark room is to include reflective surfaces in your home décor. For example, mirrors, crystals or glass surfaces refracts light from the surroundings and make the room feel much brighter and bigger. You can simply hang a mirror on the wall, use table with glass tops or decorate your home with crystal frames or vases to maximize the lighting in a room.

Although decorating a dark rooms may feel like a challenge, with a few easy tips and tricks you can turn your dark dungeon into a bright and cozy retreat. You can also consult bti interior solutions on how to brighten up your dark room.