5 Factors to Consider When Seeking a Family-Friendly Apartment

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June 10, 2017 Investment Decision

If you are looking to buy an apartment, you might consider a lot of factors except the fact that you won’t be living alone in the apartment. When apartment searching, you need to consider not just your wants and needs but also of those who will be sharing the space with you. Many apartment buyers do not know where to look or what to look for in a family-friendly apartment. Here are 5 factors to consider for owning a family-friendly apartment:

Neighborhood Schools

Whether you live in an urban or suburban location, it’s always important to check out the neighborhood schooling. When you buy a home, you can change many things but the location. Although you may not be with a child when you move into your new home, you should still consider and plan for your child’s education before investing in such a long-term financial decision.

Apartment Size

Apartment size plays a crucial role when deterring whether your home is family-friendly or not. A well-designed home will have the right size and space allocated for all the family members. For instance, think about the number of family members who will be sharing the living space with you- are there adequate number of bedrooms, bathrooms, and spare rooms to fit everybody? What about future family planning? You should select the size after thinking all of these through.

Overall Location

Almost for all apartment buyers, location is of paramount importance. However, when choosing your preferred location, do not just consider the commuting factor to and from your office. Pay attention to parks, playground areas, health fitness clubs, eateries, grocery store located in the area. Having these facilities within your vicinity will make sure you live in family-friendly apartment where everyone has easy access to the daily needs, be it your kids or the elderly.


Sometimes as a middle-income apartment buyer in Bangladesh, you may have to forego between size and amenities if you want to buy an apartment in budget. For instance, developer companies today can provide added apartment facilities even in limited size as small as less than 1000sft. Check out if your preferred apartment complex comes with community hall, gym space, playground area. These amenities not only prove your money’s worth but also provide you with an ideal family-friendly home, especially if you are looking to buy single family apartment units.


A number of apartment safety issues comes to the mind when you are looking for not just an apartment but also a safe haven to build your future. For instance, does your apartment features have CCTV monitoring to protect you against invaders? Or do you have a working fire fighting system and fire staircase in case of fire emergencies?

Your apartment safety also includes construction quality so that the building is robust enough to be earthquake resistant. Other safety issues incorporate balcony doors with safety grills, good quality lifts, generators and so on.

In today’s urban real estate era, more and more people are becoming aware of the perks of owning an apartment with multiple facilities. Following these simple tips, you can surely find the right home for you and your family. To start your apartment search now, browse through bti properties for sale.