5 Fantastic Rooftop Decoration Ideas

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March 31, 2021 Apartment Living


Is your rooftop looking a little bland? Are you tired of greens and want to incorporate some fun elements that can make your rooftop elegant and vibrant? Then this article is for you. In Dhaka, all apartments share a common rooftop space. As a result, everyone wants to coin in their ideas. A thorough discussion with your community is necessary in this regard. Decorate the rooftop with these fantastic tips in a way that even neighboring buildings will get jealous. 

Play of Lights

Even if you have a well-lit rooftop, it does not hurt to add a few extra lights to give a magical touch to the space. Hang some string lights and maybe even wrap some around potted shrubs to recreate a firefly-inspired look. This is also a great mood-setter, especially if you have a BBQ party going on. The cosy ambiance and the smell of grilled food – what more can you ask for?

Create Shaded Space

If your rooftop is fully open to the sky, you still have the opportunity to create artificial shade. You can buy large umbrellas for some shade. Do you recognize the ceiling drapes and tents that decorators use in wedding events? You can use those too! They are called shade sails. As soon as you have a shaded spot, it makes way for plenty of seating arrangements. Place a screen and projector under the shaded space for some movie time. Some rooftops come with dedicated spaces for movie theater anyways, such as bti’s Wellness Communities Collection. Some rooftops may already have lovely gazebos. Just amp up the space with a sound system and a screen underneath and you can have a wonderful evening under the stars.

Add Partition Walls

You do not want your rooftop to appear smaller, so choose the location of the partition wall very carefully. This wall will be your garden. Here you can add climbing plants and vertically hanging flowers for a colorful look. Create the partition wall using bti Building Products for a durable, tough, yet versatile structure. Splash your favorite colors on the wall. If your gardener is available, ask for help. Your neighbors can join you as well. Together as a community, the wall can be your little DIY gardening project. This way you do not have to place plants around randomly on the floor of the rooftop. As a result, the rooftop will appear neat and tidy.

Urns And Plinths

To add a more majestic Victorian feel in the rooftop, you can buy large urns, vases, and plinths that would hold elegant flowering plants. You can use one plinth to hold water for birds. Place a bowl of water there for birds to feed. They will also help pollinate the flowers along with butterflies and other insects.

Get Well-planned Furniture

Rooftop furniture is tricky. They need to be low maintenance, weather-resistant, yet elegant and functional. The simplest solution is to get bar chairs and stools. Place them next to the boundary of the rooftop so that your guests can enjoy great food with the city view. It does not matter if you already have seating facilities on the rooftop. You should still make room for cozy bean bags, loungers, weather-resistant patio furniture, pillows, and maybe even a grass carpet to give a more natural vibe.

These are just some brilliant ideas to take your rooftop to the next level. Our experts at Square Feet Story can help you regarding the interiors and landscaping, in case you run out of ideas. Bti Property Management also provides skilled gardeners and cleaning staff who can take care of the greenery in the whole premise and ensure overall cleanliness.