5 Great Ways to Include Your Hobbies and Passion in Your Home Decor

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Passion in Your Home Decor
November 8, 2018 Apartment Living

Coming back to a home filled with stuff that you are passionate about and incorporating them into your home décor can not only be fun but also make your life at home much more enjoyable.

When you own a home, to make it a place where you feel you truly belong, you need to fill it with more than pretty pictures and expensive furniture. Make it your perfect nest by adding home décor elements that spark your soul, speak to you, and make you come alive. It will not only create a beautiful home but also be a perfect sanctuary where you will love spending every day.

Show off your collection

Many people – even grown-ups love collecting things that mean something to them. It could be something as clichéd as collecting stamps to collecting expensive paintings to something as quirky as collecting teapots. Do not hesitate to flaunt them. Instead of hiding them in closed cabinets and drawers, display them in the living room, entryway or other suitable place on wall shelves or showcases.  When displaying anything, make sure they are at a height where they are easily visible by visitors walking in.

Keep it in flow with the overall décor

When you are adding elements to your home décor, make certain that they go with the overall vibe of the room and do not look glaringly out of place. Good interior design is all about harmony, balance and synchronization. For example, if you own a large collection of teapots, they may be better off in a glass cabinet in your dining room rather than your living room.

Flaunt your talents

If you are a creative at heart and love any kind of art or handicraft, make use of your talent. For example, you can accessorize your bedroom or living room with throw pillows, bedcovers, or blankets you have sewn yourself. Similarly, if you love sculpting or painting, hang your artwork or display your sculptures in your living room or bedroom or other suitable places.

Store sentimental objects in your sight

Most of us have something given by someone close to us – it could be a pen, a watch, a book, or other small memento of a special memory. Most of the time we keep them in safe places, out of sight but these little souvenirs of our loved ones can put us in a good mood, spark a special memory or even motivate during a hard day so keep them close to you. For instance, if it is a pen given by your grandpa, leave them on a pen stand on your desk, if it is an old chair from your childhood home, try to reuse it in your home décor.

Keep your hobby-related items within easy reach

If you have a hobby but the items related to it are out of your sight, chances are they are also out of your mind. So instead of hiding those away, make sure you keep them within easy reach to act as reminders and motivators. For instance, keep your paint brush set on top of a desk instead of in drawers. Similarly, if you love writing, then display your favorite books in a library book instead of trunks or drawers. This way you might be inspired to write the next best seller, who knows?

When you have a home décor that includes everything you love and are passionate about, it will instinctively uplift your mood and make your home a happy paradise where you can be inspired and grow as an individual and of course make your home stand out in front of your guests and relatives.