5 Modern Dining Room Decor Ideas

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July 20, 2017 Apartment Living

Written by: Tasnia Tajin

Your apartment dining room décor is often overlooked after the first time you move into your new home. If you have a dining room that sits empty most of the time, maybe it is time to renovate things a little bit. Here are 5 simple modern dining room décor ideas to inspire you and create a room where you and your family want to dine in together.

Dining Table Set

Your dining set should be the focal point of the interior design. When choosing the dining set, you should keep in mind your apartment size; for instance. if you have a small dining space, it is best to choose a round shape table. Complement with low height chairs to make the room feel taller and bigger. Also to protect your tile working, you can add a rug below the dining set. This will prevent scratches when you pull up the dining chairs and create a cozy vibe.


Lighting of any room is important to create the perfect apartment décor. One of the simple modern dining room ideas is to install lighting in the form of pendants or chandeliers right above the dining table. When you are hosting parties at your apartment on a week end or special occasions, don’t forget to bring out extra fancy lighting by adding some decorative candle holders to produce the right ambience. If you have a window in your dining apartment features then take advantage of natural light during daytime. Use light colored curtains to make the dining room feel brighter.

Feature Wall

Another great modern dining room decorating idea is to have a feature wall. This will particularly highlight your apartment décor and transform it into a luxury apartment. You can paint the wall opposite to your dining table set in a different tone than the rest of the room. Hang a large wall painting or small frames of different shapes and sizes to spruce up your dining room décor.

Show off a collection

If you own a small apartment it is best to have a minimalistic dining room décor, but with a spacious luxury apartment feel free to showcase crockery collection on a single shelf or glass cabinetry. When choosing dining sets, choose fancy, colorful or ornate designed ones- these not only come in handy when you have guests over but also provide an interesting wall art collection.

Add a touch of greenery

Most of times apartment owners leave out greenery in dining room décor. But interior designer experts recommend a touch of greenery or floral arrangement which can greatly elevate your apartment décor. You can place a simple potted money plant or have fresh flowers in the center of the dining table or have parlor palm tree in a dining room nook. Greenery will surely invite warmth into the space.

Hopefully, with these fine dining room decorating ideas you can create a stunning modern family dinner space where you would actually want to sit down and eat. You can also consult bti interior solutions for more dining room décor inspiration.