5 Perks of Living in a Top Floor Apartment

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July 15, 2017 Apartment Living

When you are looking to buy apartments in Bangladesh, as a potential buyer you are likely to focus on main apartment searching elements, such as location, pricing, features, amenities, etc. But when you buy a home, you should also consider other minute details, such as your lifestyle, personality, future needs etc. One such factor that plays a role in all of these is the apartment floor in which you would be living in. Whether you are looking to buy a ready flat or an under construction property from a developer company, you have the liberty to choose your apartment floor, floor plan, etc. Here are a few reasons that show the perks of living in a top floor apartment:

A peaceful environment

One of the greatest benefits of living on top floor is that you live in a sound proof apartment with no neighbors living above your apartment floor. No more hearing scratching of chair legs, babies crying or foot stomping late at night so you get to live in a peaceful, noise free environment.

Open surroundings

Compared to lower level apartment floors, when you live on the top floor, you can immerse yourself in the scenic beauty- whether it is watching the sunset on your balcony or catching the sight of the beautiful moon on a full moon night- you get to enjoy the best of these perks only from a top floor apartment.

A healthy environment

Stretching from the above point, top floor apartment has cleaner air as it is not polluted with car smokes, and other city pollutants. Also you won’t occasionally find cigarette butts littered on your balcony thrown from the floor above you. Additionally, you will have less dust and dirt in your home due to less traffic which means a cleaner apartment and healthier atmosphere.

More privacy

Usually apartments on lower level experience more traffic as people are constantly using lifts, lobbies or staircases. Unless your apartment features include foyer space, you will always have to bear passers-by. Up on the top floor you can enjoy ample privacy; this is especially beneficial if you are one of those who love living in his own private kingdom.

Stay toasty

If you are aware of basic science, you should know that as you go up, the heat rises which means during long winter days, you will remain toasty warm in your apartment unit as you live on the top floor. Also top floor apartments receive greater sunlight so that you have a brightly illuminated apartment throughout the year.

Although you may have your own choices when it comes to selecting apartment floor when buying an apartment, hopefully with these pointers you will consider buying a top floor apartment and enjoy a healthy and peaceful abode. To start your apartment search now, you can browse through bti properties for sale.