5 Quick Tips for Creating a Gorgeous Apartment Entrance

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Gorgeous Apartment Entrance
March 2, 2019 Apartment Living

Your apartment’s entrance is where you first step into when you come back to your home after a long tiring day, and if you love having guests over it is also the place to create the first impression. Most often however, apartment entrance is a neglected zone. Without having a well decorated entrance the whole experience inside your home may fall flat. And when you have an aesthetically decorated entrance, you and others will feel more at home along with making a great first impression.

Here are top 5 tips on how to decorate an apartment entryway to make it elegant:

Place a welcome mat

A welcome mat is a great accessory to make the place feel instantly warm and cozy. Make sure it is an inexpensive one since the apartment entrance is a high traffic place. Also you need to consider its placement so that it does not block door opening and closing. You should frequently clean the rug so that it does not get discolored or dirty with regular use. You can find mats of various sizes, shapes and textures in many home décor shops in the country.

Decorate the wall

As you enter the home the first thing that catches your eye should be something pleasant. For that you can decorate the wall by hanging picture frames and creating a small photo gallery. If you want some creativity in the entryway décor you can also get wall decors to adorn the place. In case you have a small entryway, hanging mirrors is a great way to create the illusion of a big room.

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Include some greenery

Greenery is also refreshing and soothing. How about placing a small pot of parlor palm tree or money plant if you have small space? Again make sure the pots do not interfere with doorway. If there is not enough space in the entryway you can place it on a spot visible from the entryway which will create the same effect of creating a natural and inviting atmosphere.

A unique furniture piece

Adding a unique piece of furniture such as a small dresser or side table can greatly spruce up the interior décor of apartment entryway. Decorate it with small vase or other small unique accessories to make a statement. Make sure the furniture piece is proportionate to the area of space available. If you have space you can also include a chair or couch where visitors can sit and take off the shoes or tie them up.

A storage space

When visitors come in they will surely need some space where they can store their belongings such as keys or phones or hang jackets. The best storage solution for this is to add a wall organizer where they can keep these items. You can also add a wall hook for storing jackets or place key holders for storing rings. These are small stuff that can make your home warm and inviting to your visitors.

With these easy and quick tips you can decorate your apartment entryway and make it more inviting to your family and guests.