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buying a flat in Dhaka city
July 28, 2019 Investment Decision

First time home buying is exciting! It’s also one of the most important purchases you ever make. When you are looking for buying a flat in Dhaka city, some precautions should be taken. Do your researches on the location and take your time to go for your purchase. If you are interested to buy apartment in Khilgaon, there are many things to consider about this location like amenities, pricing and so on. All of these can be amazing and smooth if you are sure enough that you are going to make the right choice. When you buy an apartment here, you can settle down comfortably with easy access to daily amenities for a seamless life – be it schools, universities, hospitals or shopping stores.

To help you out, here we bring you some advantages of buying a flat in Khilgaon; we hope you will get to have a basic idea of the benefits of living at Khilgaon.


Khilgaon is bounded by Rampura and Badda on the north, Motijheel, Sabujbagh and Demra on the south, Rupganj on the east, Ramna on the west. So if you an apartment in Khilgaon, you can easily commute from Khilgaon to the other parts of the city including the upscale areas Dhanmondi, Gulshan, Motijheel, Mirpur, Mohammadpur etc.

Great Place for the Foodies

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Are you a food lover? Then having a flat in Khilgaon will be truly pleasant as it is a hub of numerous restaurants & café. Royal Orchid Restaurant, Alfresco Khilgaon, Tune & Bite Music Café, Cafe Appeliano, Chaap Shamlao, Cafe Khilgaon, Ariston Khilgaon, Shawarma King and many more can be in your list to spend wonderful time with your friends and family members anytime without getting out of your neighborhood.

A Multitude of Medical Services

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The area hosts a multitude of hospitals. If you buy a flat in Khilgaon, you can tackle all kinds of emergency and regular health checkups at any of these- Bangladesh Thalassemia & Cancer Hospital, Khidmah Hospital Private Limited, Farazy Hospital Limited, Al-Razi Islamia Hospital (Pvt) Limited, Shimantik Clinic, Advance Hospital Ltd,  etc all within your vicinity.

Numerous Schools and Colleges

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When you are looking to buy an apartment in Khilgaon, rest assured there are numerous schools and colleges in the neighborhood including Khilgaon Model College, Khilgaon Government High School, Khilgaon Government Girls’ School, Basabo High School, Bangladesh Medical College, Dhaka Ideal School, CollegeLalmatia Women’s College, Shantipur High SchoolFaizur Rahman Ideal Institute, National Ideal College, Khilgaon Model School, Ali Ahmed High School, etc.

A sense of community bonding

Khilgaon offers an experience of community bonding, here neighbors know each other even outside the apartment building and this predisposition differentiates this neighborhood largely from other areas of Dhaka. If you buy flat in Khilgaon, you will be able to settle here easily. This will likewise help your children to be socialized when they mingle and play with other kids in the neighborhood.


Happy home haunting!