5 Steps to Maintain Your Swimming Pool

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January 26, 2022 Investment Decision

The swimming pool is a place of recreation and entertainment both for children and adults. Although it is not often seen in residential buildings, an increasing number of gated communities and luxury housing now have pools for all ages and infinity pools. It is safe to say that in-house swimming pools are a must-have for residents looking to spend quality time with their loved ones or simply enjoy swimming for fitness. To make the pool safe and fun for everyone, it is essential to keep the swimming pool properly maintained. If any major issues are visible with your swimming pool, it is always best to call the experts, such as the maintenance team from bti Property Management. However, there are plenty of easy ways in which you or your community can keep pools well-maintained.

While monitoring your pool, check if the drainage system works or not. Make sure the hose cleaner moves properly and the water looks clean and does not smell foul. Here are some tips!

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Purify your pool with Chlorine tablets

Using chlorine tablets is highly beneficial to kill germs and bacteria in the pool water. You can find these tablets in any online or local super shops. To keep your pool utensils free from bacteria you can also add the tablets to the skimmer, floater, and automatic feeder according to the instructions set out on the label.

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Clean the filters regularly

Make sure the surrounding areas of the filter are free from all sorts of debris and grime. They may need to be cleaned especially in case of a heavy storm and once every few months depending on the condition of your pool. Therefore, it is best to clean them every 4-6 months.

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Skim and brush for a happy pool

The first step to your pool cleaning journey is to skim it properly. It should be 99% free of dirt and debris. Hence, before you take a dip, it is important to keep your pool clean and clear. A skimmer could be of great use in this respect. It is generally a small net that remains attached to a telescopic pole. Use the net to remove leaves and any other debris.

After you are done with skimming, it is time to brush your pool to clean out extra specks of dirt. You must brush the sides, stairs, and ladders if not daily but at least once a week. One thing to remember is if you pour any sort of sanitizing chemicals in the water, brushing your pool will help dissolve that uniformly.

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Keep the pH level in check

Test pool chemistry every week in the summer and once every one to two weeks in the winter to ensure the pool water is safe to use. There are plenty of pH testers available in the market to choose from. You can read the reviews before purchasing and select one perfect for your pool. The level should be between pH 7.2 and 7.8. Why? Because as the pH decreases the chlorine starts getting less active. Contrarily, if the pH level increases it may result in serious skin rashes, disruption in the water circulation which may lead to even more costly repairs. In fact, it also decreases the efficacy of chlorine.

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Choose an ideal vacuum

Vacuuming your pool regularly is a great option to keep your pool healthy. Skimming or brushing is actually not enough to keep it in good shape. The bottom should be visible and the water crystal clear. It is also crucial to vacuum the pool to clear out the dirt from the bottom and help prevent growing bacteria. Investing in a good vacuum will save your time making the process much easier and faster.

Whether you privately own a pool or use the community swimming pool, maintaining it, is your responsibility as a homeowner. If you do not have the staff and personnel for swimming pool maintenance, let bti Property Management know so that we can take care of your needs! Your building caretaker will look after the overall process on your behalf. If you need reliable and honest managers who will look after everything related to your property, again, we have them in hand!