5 Ways to Light Up Your Bedroom

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May 8, 2017 Apartment Living

Whether you own a cozy bedroom in a small apartment or live in a master bedroom of a luxury apartment, your bedroom is more than just the place for sleeping in and it deserves special treatment, after all, it is the place you use most frequently for comfort, relaxation and sometimes even work.

In decorating your bedroom, lighting plays an important role in setting the perfect mood- it can range from soft to bold to romantic. These bedroom lighting ideas will ensure you set the right style for your bedroom décor.

Consider bedroom size

Lighting affects bedroom décor and ambiance. So before choosing appropriate lighting, consider the bedroom size. You should also consider corners, window placements as well as furniture arrangement in the bedroom interior design– you don’t want some corners to be brightly flooded with light while some corners remain perpetually dark.

Keep in mind the room height

Apart from the bedroom size, you should also pay attention to the ceiling height. Make sure the fixtures are placed not too low on the wall so that light is uniformly distributed. Wall sconces in apartment décor can be tweaked to make the room appear larger or cozier. Interior design expert suggests that if you have a white painted ceiling, adding an up-lighting can create great ambiance whereas full-body light can make an empty wall attractive with washing effect.

Add lighting for increased functionality

Choose bedroom lighting according to your bedroom’s purpose. For instance, do you have a computer table or a reading corner in the bedroom interior design? Those spaces require task lighting whereas the areas where your bed is positioned should have soft lighting. You should avoid overhead light fixtures above your bed as they can be distracting when you lay on the bed. Your dressing area and vanities also require direct lighting for brighter illumination.

Go for lighter table lamp shades

When buying bedside table lamps, you should pay attention to the lamp shade. Interior design experts suggest avoiding opaque light shades as they can be too much dark for your bedroom décor. Go for translucent ones and make sure the table lamp is user-friendly. This will ensure you can easily turn it on and off right from your bed without difficulty.

Set the mood

It is important for your bedroom décor to have a soft ambiance to help you relax. You can install dimmers or use colored light bulbs for the nocturnal hours. This form of lighting is helpful if you have a baby sharing the same room with you. The baby can sleep well and you can carry on with your works without disturbing the child.

Save energy

Apart from the aesthetics of your bedroom décor, you should also consider energy efficiency. Today there are the many light bulbs that provide a lot of wattages while consuming minimum energy. Carry out a light and fixtures review to make sure they are clean and functional. You can also install motion sensor lights which will turn off automatically when you leave the room.

Following these simple bedroom lighting ideas will do wonders for your bedroom décor and ensure that you live, work and relax comfortably in your bedroom. You can also consult bti interior solutions for more bedroom lighting ideas.

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