5 Ways to Make Your Kitchen More Functional

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Kitchen More Functional
December 23, 2018 Apartment Living

The kitchen is not only the symbolic kernel of your home, but also a place where you spend many hours of the day preparing, cooking and cleaning for your entire family so it behooves to have a kitchen that is not only filled with appliances but also one that is actually functional and well-organized. Here are 5 simple ways to make your kitchen more functional so that you enjoy cooking like a master chef at home:

Storage within your reach

One of the most important elements of a functional kitchen design is to ensure whatever you need is within your reach and you do not have to scourge the whole kitchen looking for what you want. Have cabinets next to the sink or stove so that you can keep or reach for utensils quickly while cleaning or cooking. The same goes for spices, jars of condiments and so on. Make sure these are close to the prepping area so that you do not have to rummage.

Utilize the wall

This is essential if you have a small kitchen. Instead of having bulky storage racks, utilze the wall space. Use hooks, racks, and open shelving units to store kitchen essentials. For instance you can have a hanging pot rack to easily access your cooking utensils or install open shelving unit which minimizes space wastage and adds an interesting visual to your kitchen décor.

Maintain a work flow

You need separate areas for prepping, cooking and washing – these three make the kitchen work triangle. This means a person cooking a meal has three important zones to work in the kitchen including refrigerator, stove and sink. So make sure the kitchen design flow allows you to work in that order without disrupting the process and hindering traffic at the same time.

Keep surfaces clutterfree

Even if you have the most immaculate kitchen design or updated kitchen appliances, all will be in vain if your kitchen is a cluttered mess. For instance, make sure surfaces like countertops and sink areas are free of unnecessary items to avoid a messy kitchen and a hassle free cooking experience. Get rid of jars and gloves you do not need. And make sure the sink is not stacked with pile of unclean dishes. While you are at it, you may also get rid of utensils that are old and worn out.

Consider the lighting

For a functional kitchen, you also need to pay attention to the lighting. For instance, if you live in an apartment building which does not receive adequate lighting, make sure your kitchen space is well illuminated with bright light in areas having sink, stove. You can invest in under-cabinet lighting for a fancy and well-lit ambience in the kitchen too.
Having a functional kitchen is essential for anyone who cooks at home. It will surely change how you feel about your kitchen and also make cooking a more enjoyable activity. With these simple tips, you can easily have a functional kitchen and cook like a master chef.