6 Amazing Home Improvement Ideas

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March 31, 2021 Apartment Living


Are you tired of the looks of your home and want to make a few changes? You might be wondering whether that could be possible on a humble budget. The truth is it is possible. You can easily get some home improvement projects done at an affordable cost. In some situations, you might need professional help. Check out these ten amazing tips that will help transform your home, at a cost you approve of!

Paint A New Look

Often renovation starts with painting the walls. As time passes by, the walls become dreary and lifeless. Your children may ruin the walls with their silly artwork, or there could be scratches here and there. Cracks in plastic paint are horrible to look at. You should always keep spare wall paint and brushes at home so that you can fix minor damages done to the wall. However, if the walls have become too dreary and require massive changes seek the professional help of course. Bti Property Management offers wall painting at a great rate for its customers.

Add Crown Mouldings

Not many people in Bangladesh are familiar with this concept, but adding crown moldings add extra elegance to the corners of your ceiling and walls. Crown moldings are usually done when you are designing your interiors. There are different types of crown moldings, so you should opt for the design that best suits your taste and goes with the inner space of your home. Crown moldings are applied often between walls and ceilings but they can also be done on top of doors and windows for added elegance. Plastic and foam crowns are also available. You can choose those options if you think you can construct the crown moldings yourself.

Get Rugs, Mats, And Runners

Home decor items completely change the feel of a home. For example, if you want a Middle Eastern flavor in your home, you can buy Persian rugs and put them on display in the family lounge or living room. If you want a more Bengali influence, you can buy locally produced jute mats and rugs which can be placed in front of doors or front of the sofa. In a duplex home, it would be a nice touch to add a runner on the stairs. It will also prevent an individual from slipping. Remember to keep the color scheme of all mats and rugs in accordance with the curtains. You do not want the colors to not coordinate with each other!

Freshen Up The Floors

It is really easy to create a new look on the floors with low-cost flooring solutions. If you want the floor to appear and feel as if it is made of wood, buy carpets with that texture and shade. They are available in any carpet store in Dhaka. You can pick any color and look. These carpets are glued to the floor, so choose wisely. These shops also offer faux grass carpets. To add some greenery, these carpets are better suited for places such as balconies and open terraces. If wood and grass are not your thing, opt for burgundy or brown carpets the traditional way.

Take Risks in The Kitchen 

This would be slightly difficult. Most people opt for darker shades in the kitchen but trust us when we say that a brighter finish to the cabinets can completely transform the look of the kitchen. The bright tones will uplift your mood and spirit. You might enjoy cooking more in a kitchen with a splendid makeover. As long as the cabinet doors and frames are structurally sound you have nothing to worry about. Simply ask us to renovate your kitchen and we will not disappoint you.

Install Tech Items

In this day and age living without some hefty appliances is like living in a cave. Grow out of your tech avoidance and install smart home features! For advanced security measures, switch to fingerprint access door lock and install CCTV cameras in front of your home entrance. For more convenience, upgrade to remote-controlled fans and lights in your home. The cost depends on how many home automation features and security measures you require. The ones mentioned are fairly low-budget, but for more advanced technology in your home, you might need to pay more. Square Feet Story offers innovative solutions for homes with one smart hub featuring complete automation options.

These are just six nifty tips that you can use to give your home a splendid new look. Of course, there are other ways to revamp the spaces within your home. Since bti works to ensure excellence in all aspects for the satisfaction of our customers, our renovation works will impress you for sure. Try our Property Management services and see for yourself.