6 Bathroom Décor Ideas To Make A Small Bathroom Feel Bigger Instantly

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June 25, 2017 Apartment Living

If you have a small apartment, chances are you detest going to your small bathroom and cannot fathom how you can make it look aesthetic. Try out our expert interior designer’s tips and tricks to make any bathroom feel bigger without breaking the bank and transform your small bathroom into a spa-like retreat.

Open-legged vanity

Choose bathroom vanities that are open legged instead of ones that are joined to the floor. This type of vanities works perfectly well to decorate small bathrooms. It creates the illusion of open space above floor height and makes the small bathroom look bigger. Even a few inches matter and if you would like to maximize the use of space, then interior designers suggest that you go for pedestal vanities.

Simple tiles

When you are working with small bathrooms, the pattern of your bathroom tiles can make a huge difference to your apartment decor. Avoid having tiles with intricate styles and pattern. They can make the bathroom feel busy and smaller in size. Instead choose tiles that are simple in design, moderate in size and reflect light which can brighten your small bathroom and make it feel bigger.

Restrict storage space

Although shortage of space is a given in small bathrooms, you can keep it well organized by only storing the necessities. Keep toiletries and everything else below waist line or invest in a medicine cabinet so that your bathroom supplies are out of sight. This will clear up space and make the small bathroom feel bigger. You should also avoid wall racks and shelves in small bathroom decor as they can make it look cluttered.

Avoid shower curtains

Most people want to have privacy in the bathroom and install shower curtains in the shower area. If you have a small apartment, try to omit shower curtains or enclosures as part of apartment features, it will only make the bathroom feel closed and small. If you must have an enclosure, go for glass enclosures instead of opaque.

Mood lighting

You might think having a brightly lit bathroom will make the space feel bigger, however, interior designer experts suggest otherwise. For instance, place an overhead fixture in the bathroom center that gives out sufficient lighting to the whole bathroom décor. Finish off with wall scones beside the bathroom mirror which will reflect light and make the small bathroom look bigger.

Bring out the mat occasionally

It is essential to have a bathroom mat to make sure your apartment remains dry after you have taken a shower. But at other times, do you really need there? It’s best to store it somewhere out of sight after shower-time. This will keep floor space clear and make the bathroom feel bigger.

At the end of the day when you step into your apartment bathroom, the interior design of it should make you feel pleasant. So decorate your small bathroom with these tips and tricks and enjoy a well-organized, aesthetic bathroom. You can also consult bti interior solutions for expert advice on how to transform your small bathroom into a spa-like haven.