6 Easy Ways to Beautify Your Bedroom Décor

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June 10, 2017 Apartment Living

A bedroom is one of the most essential rooms in your apartment and its interior design should reflect that.  It is not that difficult to create a bedroom that is comfortable, elegant as well as personal. Here are 6 easy bedroom decorating ideas for the dreamiest and comfiest slumber zone in your apartment.

Choose colors that calm you

The color choice for a bedroom is particularly important because you do not want your sleeping zone to be either too dark or too bright. Choose colors that are not too bold. Interior design experts suggest blue is a great color for your bedroom décor as it has a calming effect, stick to a lighter shade to have a sea- side experience. You should mix and match accents that add a pop of color to balance the interior décor, such as use lemon-yellow or light-pink to instill some brightness into your bedroom décor.

Stock up your night stand

Your nightstand beside your bed is not just for show. You can maximize your bedroom storage space by having a well-stocked night stand to keep your necessities. For instance, decorate the bedside table with a jar of water so that you do not need to step of your bedroom during midnights, when you wake up thirsty after having a nightmare.  Accessorize with a vase of fresh flowers or a photograph to personalize.

Add your personal touch

A useful bedroom decorating tip is to add your personal touch as much as possible to make it a comfortable zone. You should fill the space with memorabilia that make you happy. Keep them in your line of sight from your bed so when you wake up, they serve the right purpose- which is to cheer you up. However, you should avoid having too many family or personal pictures as they can make you overly emotional and bring in negativity.

A comfortable bed

The bed is the kernel of your bedroom so it should have the right size along with the right mattress for a comfortable night’s sleep. You should also note the bed spread, number of pillows, bed position to have an aesthetic bedroom décor. For instance, one easy way to beautify your bedroom is to add colorful bedspreads and pillows. Make sure you choose the right fabrics for your comfort.

Invest in stylish mirrors

Mirrors are an integral part of your bedroom décor as a dresser. It can also function to make a small bedroom look bigger if your apartment size is tiny. Choose floor-length, stylish mirrors to add a dramatic flair to your bedroom. If your bedroom has a balcony, make sure the mirror is opposite it so that it reflects outdoors and make your room feel bigger.

Tweak the lighting

The lighting of a bedroom is another important element for creating the perfect ambience. You can invest in dimmer lights for a soft glow. Fancy wall sconces are also great for ideal bedroom lighting. Be sure to top off your night stand with elegant table lamps too if you love reading late at nocturnal hours.

With these easy decorating tips and tricks for your bedroom, you can have the perfect setting for your dream bedroom. You can also consult bti interior solutions to decorate your bedroom into a dreamy and comfortable slumber space.