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May 15, 2017 Apartment Living

Although apartment complexes are said to be safer than single family homes, there is no harm in taking extra precautionary measures to stay protected and safeguard your valuables. When you buy an apartment in Bangladesh, security is one of the primary reasons for buying. Here are 6 tips for ensuring apartment security and living a stress-free life.  When you are looking to buy a flat, consider the following apartment security tips in your prospective home:

CCTV monitoring system

Although most apartments have a concierge provision, if you are looking for extra security, make sure your apartment features include CCTV monitoring system. This way everything will be caught on video footage even if the security guard is away for some time.

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One of the common apartment security tips is to have an entrance door with a peephole. When visitors come, you can actually check if the person standing at your entrance is known to you through this provision. In Dhaka city, it is a very common occurrence when individuals pose as relatives and come at your door with ulterior motives. You can prevent this if you have a wide angle viewer peephole installed on your door for identity verification.

Barbed-wire fencing

Even with the most strict apartment security provisions, theft or burglary may occur during late night when everyone is asleep. To prevent such untoward occurrences, check that your apartment boundary wall has barbed wire fencing. This type of fencing has spikes that act as a barrier to breached entry of thieves or burglars. Although it may ruin the aesthetics of your apartment exterior, you should consider it, especially if your apartment exterior do not have lamp posts or are poorly lit.

Door Security

Make sure your main door and balcony doors are sturdy enough so that they cannot be broken down easily. Doors should have a knob lock and a deadbolt and the doorjamb and hinges should be reinforced to prevent breaking and entering. Also keep the keys in a safe place. If you lose the keys, hire a blacksmith immediately to change the lock.

Balcony railing height

If you live on the top floor apartment, you may be protected against invaders without having balcony safety grills. But if you live on lower level floors, then make sure you have full-height verandah railings so that thieves or burglars cannot easily get into your apartment.

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Security while away

When you are away from your home or simply sleeping, make sure all the windows, main doors, balcony doors are firmly locked. If you are on a vacation, tell your neighbors to keep a regular watch and close the curtains to prevent alerting potential thieves of an empty apartment.

Hopefully, with these simple apartment security tips, you can live stress-free in a safe and sound home and get a peaceful night’s sleep or spend holidays away from home without any worries of break-ins.