6 Ways to Embrace Summer in Your Home

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July 11, 2017 Apartment Living

Summer is the time of clear blue skies, chilled fruity drinks and outdoor fun but most of us with our hectic life schedule have to stay indoors and make the best of living in an apartment in Dhaka city. However, that is no excuse to spend summer days languidly in a disheveled apartment. Prepare your home for summer with these simple apartment living tips and manage chores while enjoying the sultry summer days.

Bid Adieu to Winter

With winter now been long gone, make sure your apartment is ready to embrace the summer days with its interior design.Eliminate heavy draperies, fancy rugs and update your apartment décor with bright light and accessories. Place freshly cut flowers on center table in your living room décor or window sill for a fresh look. Use light curtains to lift up the summer vibe in your apartment and you will enjoy basking in the sun rays.

Defrost your freezer

You will need room in your refrigerator for summer time fruits, drinks, ice cream boxes etc.  which means it is nigh time that you defrost your refrigerator to get rid of unwanted chunks of ice and improve your food storage capacity. This way you can hoard all the fresh fruits to make smoothies, lemonades and fruity drinks to quench your summer thirst.

Invite summer in your interior décor

Nothing says summer in your apartment interiors like inviting the sunlight to filter in through the windows. If your apartment features include bay windows, take advantage of these to enjoy a bright atmosphere. You should thoroughly clean your windows inside and out for clear views. You can also use soft tropical colors such as light blue, coral, peach etc in apartment décor to make your apartment size feel larger.

Revitalize the airflow

Good air flow is essential for your comfort in apartment living. To keep your apartment cool during summer, place table fans in front of windows for well ventilation. Make sure your apartment kitchen has a clean exhaust fan that is efficient and functional. If you have air conditioning, keep the door of the particular room closed to prevent heat loss and reduce your electricity bill. You should also ensure the air filters are cleaned after the winter hiatus.

Enjoy the outdoors

If you buy an apartment these days, you will find modern day apartments come with a plethora of lifestyle features, such as outdoor swimming pool, BBQ space etc. Why not take the time off on a weekend and have some summer fun by throwing outdoor entertaining activities? Or if you would like simple family time, just set up a picnic table on a Friday to enjoy summer delicacies.

Clean your balconies

After winter has passed, it is very likely that your apartment balcony is littered with dust and falling leaves, make sure you wash the floor thoroughly for a squeaky clean floor. Update the balcony décor with some light furniture to make an outdoor extension. Punctuate the space with potted flowers, hanging lanterns and more.

Hopefully, with these simple summer tips and tricks for home, you will be more than ready to invite summer into your home. For more apartment decorating ideas for a leisurely summer time, you can consult bti interior solutions. Happy sweat-free summer days to you!