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July 24, 2019 Apartment Living

The crystal clear drops of rain and the cool breezes are sure to dredge up childhood memories of paper boats floating, playing and puddling in mud. It feels amazing to sit leisurely by the window with a cup of tea and watch the raindrops falling on the window glass or watch the rains washing away the dust from every leaf.

While the respite the rain brings is more than welcome, this likewise comes with its own set of problems. Unwelcome humidity gets the chance to keep you from enjoying the rains from the comfort of your own home. Here are a couple of actions you can take to have all the fun and none of the problems that the rainy season brings.

Place the shoe rack near the entrance

Usually everyone places the shoe rack near the entrance, but if you have placed it elsewhere, then maybe you should consider changing its place as most of the dirt and the mud enter your home with your dirty shoes as in the rain your shoes get covered with mud. Hence, keeping a show rack near the entrance will help you to limit the entry of mud inside your home. Make sure everyone opens the shoes and then enters the home.

Cleaning the washroom

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Washrooms by and large get most messy in contrast with different pieces of the home and thus during monsoon your restrooms need more consideration. After returning home, we race to the washroom to wash our body and keep ourselves clean so normally your restroom is also exposed to a lot of extra filth, mud, and dirt during the rains during the downpours. It is best that you wash the restrooms appropriately after every use and keep it free from dirt.

Mop your floor carefully

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Use an antibacterial cleansing agent when wiping floors—look for one that can keep bugs, flies, and mosquitoes away. After wiping, use a dry mop or cloth to ensure that all the moisture is gone.

Change your materials every alternate week as moisture in the air can spoil your bed sheets, bed covers, and table cloths.

Light scented candles or use a couple of drops of scented basic oils to dispose of any sodden scents around the house.

Ensure Adequate Ventilation

During the stormy season, the climate is damp and humid which might resemble suffocating. You may have seen how the floors stay wet constantly. Indeed, wet floors pull in increasingly dirt, dust and mud and consequently it is required that you keep the inside of your home dry. For that, you should keep legitimate ventilation framework and open the windows at whatever point it quits drizzling.

Appropriate air flow is particularly expected to new up the inward air and you must follow it. This will keep your home clean and germ free during the downpours.

Interior drainage system must be good

It’s regular for channels to get stopped up during the Monsoon, so you have to give additional consideration to guarantee the channels in and around your house are perfect. Contract experts’ cleaners and have every one of your channels cleaned before Monsoon arrives. Clogged channels smell foul and become the breeding grounds for mosquitoes- nor is a tempting prospect. Continuously make sure to keep the channels unclogged and clean and if there should be an occurrence of any harm or spillage, go for quick fix.

You could likewise introduce downspouts and downpour canals to redirect water away from your home during substantial storms. You could associate these downspouts to underground drains too.

Check Your Roofs, Walls, and Windows

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If you live in a rented apartment in Bangladesh, that is more than 20-25 years old, get your roof inspected for leaks, cracks and dampness. Besides keeping your house dry and clean, it also needs to be strong enough to withstand a Monsoon storm. Hire a roofer to fix any cracks and weaknesses.

If you are looking for emergency flat sale or house rent in this monsoon, make sure its roof, walls are damp-free.

Quick tips to make the monsoon more enjoyable:

  • Place your plants outside. Keeping them indoors raises the humidity in the air
  • Unless you have a dehumidifier, just switch on the air conditioning for some time to get rid of the excess moisture in your room
  • Swap heavy and dark curtains with sheer ones until autumn comes
  • Use some camphor tablets or potpourri sachets to keep the air dry, and fragrant, inside cupboards instead of silica gel sachets

 The more it rains, the more your home is going to be dirty and humid. Hence, if you be careful a little, you can avoid the unwelcome moisture & humidity at your home.

Enjoy your clean, dry Monsoon!