6 Ways to Promote Wellness at your Home

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Wellness at your Home
November 27, 2018 Apartment Living

Your home is more than just a roof over your head. It gives you not only shelter and protection but also gives you joy and takes care of your well being by providing a healthy environment. When you live in a city like Dhaka, chances are you live in a home where dust and pollution are rampant while light and air flow are restricted. To combat the unhealthy environment at your home, here are 6 tips to promote wellness at your home.

Go Green

Going green is more than just having a vast number of plants and greenery throughout your home. Although to promote wellness, it is essential that you are surrounded by nature, there are other things to consider too. Choose carefully what materials, chemicals you are letting into your home. For eg. When painting your home, make sure you buy only low VOC paints. High VOC paints can greatly reduce air quality in your home and cause health problems like headaches, asthma, throat and eye irritation and so on. Also use light bulbs that are modern and energy efficient like LEDs. These will not only reduce your electricity bills but also keep your eyes in good shape.

Embrace nature

Even if you live in a small flat in Dhaka city, where having a backyard or front lawn is a luxury you can invite nature into your home by some simple steps. For example, turn your balcony into a small outdoor retreat with potted plants and a chair or two. Hanging plants or large plants act greatly as screens and give you privacy. Also keep small vases with plants like money plant or succulents to decorate the indoor of your home to instill some freshness.

Tackle noise pollution

If you live in a neighborhood where traffic and noise are daily parts of your life, you might have trouble concentrating, sleeping, working, etc. It can get really stressful when you return home from work and then hear your neighbors playing loud music, or listen to the blaring noise from cars and trucks. Although you cannot make your apartment entirely sound proof you can reduce the amount by making sure entryways of sound into your home are restricted. Sound travels in the form of waves and can pass through doors, windows, cracks, and so on. Even using heavy drapes or placing rugs and carpets can reduce sound as they act as buffers. You can also use white noise like fans to block out the external noise especially during nights or play natural sounds like waterfall or birds to mask the city noise.

Arrange furniture to promote good air flow

Air flow is crucial to promote wellness at home. While you cannot do anything if your entire building is closed from all sides due to other buildings, you can do some simple things to alleviate the problem. For instance, arrange furniture in a way so that it does not block entryways to windows or doors. And install exhaust fans in suitable locations.

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Keep the décor minimalistic

When it comes to interior décor, less is more. It is not just the trend but interior design experts state the importance of living in a space that feels open rather than confined. So it’s best to invest in a few pieces of furniture that you cannot do without. Also keep those windows clean and space free. You can create seating area near it where you can watch the view or in case you do not have a view simply make it a reading corner with some potted plants and comfy chair and you are good to go for a nice, quiet time.

Let the light in

Just like air flow is crucial to wellness, so is having adequate light in your apartment. Take advantage of natural daylight by keeping doors and windows open throughout the day. And install floor or table lamps to ensure proper lighting. Make sure the areas where you spend most of the time working are brightly lit to avoid headaches and eye sight problems. Invest in task lights or desk lamps for your home workstation.

With the above tips and tricks you can promote wellness at your home easily and live in an environment that is healthy, inspiring you to live a better life.