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May 15, 2019 Investment Decision

Living in tranquility within Dhaka city is no more myth! The city dwellers have always a craving for living in the serenity surrounded by nature along with all modern amenities. Regarding this, Uttara has always been a great choice of living in vivacity. To please the cherished dream of city dwellers for an eco-friendly environment, Uttara has been schemed strategically and developed meticulously with significant & dynamic aspects of green architecture. Here, you find apartments from luxury to standard with all the modern amenities. Within an array of options, you may choose that suits you the best.

Now are you in dilemma where to purchase a perfect condo at Uttara? No stresses! We’ve got you covered. Take a look, we are just demonstrating a comparison among the sectors at Uttara that serve at variance. Hope this will cinch you to make up your mind and finally have a beautiful home you’ve always desired for.

Your journey to getting your dream home begins now. Upbeat perusing!

At Uttara, living in sector 1, 4, 5 and 7 means living in the lap of luxury with multitudinous amenities. On the contrary sector 12, 14 are more convenient, affordable with all the modern amenities like having reputed educational institutions, shopping malls, grocery stores, recreational spaces in those.

Numerous reputed educational institutes

educational institution 295855

You don’t need to get into a dither over where to admit your kids when you live at Uttara. In proximity to sector 1 & 4, a number of reputed educational institutes are there to melt your parental worries, like


Kaplan School

International Turkish Hope School

The Aga Khan


Bangladesh Academy of Fine Arts

British Council

In proximity to sector 11 & 14, there are-

Bangladesh International Tutorials

SouthBreeze School

These are all English medium school. If you look for bangle medium, there are plenty of that like-Rajuk Uttara Model School & College (both bangle & English), Milestone school & college, Uttara High School etc.

With any of these, you can rest assured that your little ones will start off a good year.


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You can avail a very easy access to RAK tower, ABC tower, Uttara tower, Shwapno if you reside near sector 1, 4 and 5.

Family needs, MINISO Uttara, North Tower, Mascot plaza, Me & Mom are very proximate to sector 7.

In proximity to sector 11 & 14, you will find-

Zam zam tower

Meena Bazar

mustafa tower

Moreover, numerous lead stores of well known brands like Yellow, Aarong, Astorian, and so on are additionally situated there.

From superstores to shopping mall, real-estate business etc everything made Uttara a fully commercialized zone. Uttara has been being more developed day by day and this makes incremental improvements to the quality of life consequently.

Hub of connectivity

hub of connectivity 992675

If you travel abroad frequently, living at sector 1, 3 or 4 is the best for you as Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport is very close to these so you can jaunt easily.

Living at sector 13 or 14 allows you an easy access to Dhaka-Mymensingh highway, if you travel outside Dhaka in quick succession.

There are lots of bus stops in proximate to almost every sector at Uttara which let you be stress free about moving here and there if you wish to use any public transport.

Medical amenities

medical amenities 384459

In case of any unexpected incidents when you need medical assistance, Uttara allows you not to get into any dither. Here you find Popular diagnostic center, Holy Lab at your door step when you live at sector 1, 3 and 4.

Uttara crescent Hospital, Uttara Adhunik medical college, Shin Shin Japan Hospital will be easily accessible if you reside at sector 11, 13 or 14 in Uttara.

Hospitals like Uttara Central Hospital, Regent Hospital, Uttara Maa o Shishu Hospital, etc are available for 24 hours at your convenience.

Financial Institutions

financial institutions 131780

A multitude of financial institutions like NCC Bank, Uttara Bank, UCB Bank, NRB Commercial Bank, AB Bank, IFIC Bank Limited, HSBC Bangladesh, Standard Chartered Bank Limited, Dutch Bangla Bank Limited etc. is located at Uttara. ATM booths are available here frequently. What else do you need?

Best Dining

dining 854804

Lake Terrace, Madchef Uttara, George’s Café, Kabab Factory, Take out, PIZZA IN, PIZZA Hut, Mr. Baker, Coopers, BFC, KFC, sector 7 etc. you will find at different sector in Uttara. Wherever you live in Uttara, rest assured there will be plenty of restaurants at your doorstep.

Recreation Area

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Are you a nature lover? Love to indulge yourself into the serenity of lush greenery? Then Uttara awaits you. Almost in every sector, there is a park. As kids are naturally drawn to playing outside, these park will rest you assured of allowing them playing at park while you are having your regular walk.

Diyabari has been the most attractive place for the recent years to the city dwellers for its outstanding amazing serenity. Once you go there, the cool breeze will blow your mind at once and the luster of the catkin flowers will touch your soul smoothly.

Now expecting you might be hassle free to choose your right place at Uttara to live in. If you choose to live in any of sector 1, 3, 4, bti would like to let you know it’s some ready classic projects that you might love to embark on your homeownership journey with- BELVOIR CASTLE,, CASAFELIZ, GRACE HAVEN, SILVERDALE and PACIFICA. Here are our some upcoming projects in these locations- JUNCTION 54-a luxury collection, THE CHANCELLOR, LA ASENCIA which are of classic collections.

Rest assured living in any part of Uttara is just immensely enjoyable! Even you may get pleasure in living at Uttarkhan in proximate to Uttara. Here you find some of our standard collections like Chayabithi, Shopnoneer. So just make sure your visit there at your convenience.

Whether you go for luxury or standard lifestyle, Uttara offers you all. Here Regardless of which side of the coin you are, we have covered you all. Now it’s up to you!

Happy home chasing!