7 Things You Shouldn’t Overlook When Buying Apartment

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March 25, 2017 Investment Decision

When you are looking to buy apartment in Bangladesh, you can be tempted to check out a single apartment and purchase it immediately. However, since buying apartment is a huge investment, it is important that you do your homework and make sure that the apartment you have selected is one you can live in for generations to come. Keep a note of these 7 points which you may overlook when you buy an apartment in Dhaka or any other location in Bangladesh.


When buying an apartment, many of you do not pay much attention to the apartment exterior unless you are buying a luxury apartment. But you should note the overall building design. Does it feel welcoming to you or does the design intimidate? Make sure you like what you see, because once you buy it, you are stuck with it for an indefinite period.


This might be a little tricky, especially, if you are investing in an ongoing project instead of ready flats. Before you sign on the deal, you should be aware of the developer company’s reputation, years of experience to ensure the building will be constructed following rules and regulations. When touring apartment during inspection, check out the quality of the interiors, paint work, tile work, finishing to be assured that your home will be a safe abode for you.


Although in Dhaka city, noise pollution is a common problem, if you are a person who enjoys the calm or have elderly people living with you, it’s better to buy an apartment cushioned away from main road. You should also note the total number of apartments as well as apartment units per floor as you can be intruded with noise from your surrounding environment too.


Apartment safety can be both an external and internal issue. You should note if your neighborhood is a safe area where theft and burglary are not common practices. Every apartment should have a minimum security level- such as, check out if your apartment complex have CCTV monitoring, intercom connection, security guard provision etc.

You should also make sure your apartment has adequate safety for combating hazards such as fire breakouts or earthquakes.

Apartment facilities

Many apartments today come with various apartment facilities to give you a comfortable lifestyle in a close knit community with features like open terrace, swimming pool, community hall, playground area, BBQ space etc. Make sure your apartmenthas those features that will help to enrich your life.


After you become a homeowner, you might have trouble with the upkeep and maintenance of your apartment. It is better to be prepared beforehand. Ask your developer company if they provide property management services, or if there will be homeowner’s association to handle maintenance issues. Make sure you know the service charge too.

Developer Company

Last but not the least, you should be aware of the ethics, values, practices of the developer company with whom you are investing your hard earned money. Note how helpful the general employees have been to you. Did they answer all your queries with transparency? Did they respond fast and handle critical issues to make your home buying smooth? Many companies will only sweet talk you until they have made a sale, so check out the brand reputation and personal references to learn how genuine a company is in practice.
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