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June 8, 2023 Investment Decision

You have a piece of land that is worth developing, but you are confused about taking the next step. In a crowd of so many developers, it is hard to decide which one is the best for your land, especially when the real estate sector has faced so many ups and downs. However, land development is necessary in a growing economy. Therefore, you have to make an informed decision before developing your land with a real estate company for whatever purpose. 

Certain questions come to mind, especially related to apartment share portions and signing money.

  • If  you agree with a particular developer, what will be the share of apartments you receive?
  • Will the share of apartments you receive fulfill your interests and meet your long term financial needs?
  • What will be the signing money amount? 
  • Does the land venture agreement justify the signing money stipulated?

Simply considering one or two factors is not enough. Rather, think of the entire package the developer is willing to offer you, apart from the apartments and signing money. Our advice is to not just consider the short-term benefits, but also the long-term facilities a developer could provide to you. So that when you sign on the joint venture agreement, it is a joyful experience rather than a stressful one. We at bti are here to ensure just that!

A holistic approach towards joint venture development will ensure a smooth and wonderful transition to homeownership. So what are the additional factors you should consider in a joint venture development?

  • Experience: Always select a company known for their unshakable ethics, solid reputation, and experience. bti has recently completed 40 years in making homeownership a joyful experience for all our customers. We would not be able to pursue excellence this far without the faith of our customers, employees, and well-wishers. 


  • Design & construction quality: Although most landowners prioritize quality of construction and design of the building above everything else, they often end up with shoddy work instead. We at bti have been serving ISO-certified, award-winning design and quality of construction since our inception. Our unique, patented earthquake-resistant construction solution has been developed with prominent researchers and engineers, to give you a sense of peace and safety even in moments of distress. 


  • Timely handover: Homeowners buy apartments with a fixed plan and timeline in their minds. If they do not receive their home on time, their plans will be affected negatively. We take great care when it comes to winning your hearts. bti is one of the handful of developers in the country well-known for having a record of on-time or ahead of time handover. What makes this fact even more striking is that we also offer complementary services post-handover, so that customers can ease into homeownership without worries. Many companies isolate customers after getting their land and delay handover. We are with our customers at every step from the moment they decide to be our partner. 


  • Compliance: bti follows all RAJUK, BNBC, CDA, and other government compliances required for developing a piece of land. As a founding member of REHAB with a solid credit score, we also take it upon ourselves to promote building development compliance and fire safety standards actively among our customers and other realtor companies.


  • Reliability: Our customer centricity drives our business philosophy. A key aspect of maintaining customer satisfaction is faith. We go to great lengths to keep our customers’ trust firm upon us. 


  • Sale value: Any bti apartment will sell at a price higher than the average market value of a typical apartment. Our top-notch design and construction quality is one reason, but it is also the reliable brand value we have developed that makes a bti home stand out from the rest! 

Whatever decision you make for your land, these are the key things you should focus on. Although there are some good developers out there, bti is a leader in the real estate industry with 7000 customers and counting! We would love to have you onboard with us.