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January 17, 2022 Investment Decision

Reliability in the real estate sector is still a highly doubted trait in Bangladesh. Most small-time realtors and agents make quick money after committing fraud and breaking the trust of thousands of customers. Some increase prices under false pretenses and manage to deceive multiple buyers, only for the sake of profit. There are others who fail to deliver homes on time. Only a handful of developer companies have the customers’ favor. In the quest towards excellence, bti can proudly claim the crown of reliability thanks to its stellar record of 4 decades, in which more than 6000 customers can testify to our commitment, trustworthiness, and consistency. Even after handover, our customers have maintained great rapport with us because we made their experience joyful. This is a testament to our reliability and our drive towards excellence, which made us a leading real estate company in Bangladesh.

Keeping Promises

If you ask anyone what reliability means, the word commitment is the first to be uttered. The issue that almost every customer stresses about is getting their product or service on time. Since inception, our number one priority has always been to deliver on our commitments, as we know this will certainly win the hearts of our customers. Till date we have handed over more than 350 projects both on time and ahead of schedule. The best part is that our 6000+ customers have become our family, so much so that whenever they need anything related to real estate, we gladly lend our help. If customers did not appreciate our service, we would not be where we are today! 

Beating Our Own Scores

It is only through improvement that bti can remain in the hearts of customers. We did not reserve ourselves to provide homes and commercial spaces only, we have expanded our portfolio with a wide range of services. This is the concept of the House of bti – a platform where you can meet all your real estate needs seamlessly, and know that each service will be backed by the reliability that bti has been delivering for decades. Below is a simplified list of the incredible number of services that you can get from the House of bti:

  1. Do you own land individually or with your peers and require assistance in architectural design, construction management, interiors, landscaping, and logistics? Furthermore, do you need this entire package and develop your dream space? You can get all these services from Square Feet Story, the latest venture from the House of bti. 
  2. Do you want to buy, sell, or rent your residential or commercial property, or are you at the seeking end? No worries, as the House of bti also offers these services instantly and reliably via bti Brokerage. We act as an intermediary between both buyer and seller to ensure a transparent transaction. Both parties are checked for authenticity and all types of documentation support and verification are performed. We also offer free home inspection and home shifting assistance, so that it is a win-win for all!
  3. The House of bti also offers a wide range of services through bti Property Management typically needed once you step into your new home. These services include all kinds of maintenance and renovation works. We also offer well-trained security personnel, gardening experts, support staff, and caretaker cum managers upon request. 
  4. Thinking of building something that lasts a lifetime? You can get the excellent construction quality promised by bti using our building materials from bti Building Products. We manufacture concrete hollow blocks, concrete solid bricks, pavement tiles, and unipavers, all so that construction is cost-effective, eco-friendly, less time-consuming, and high quality. 

Consistent Achieving

Bti has been a leading real estate company in Bangladesh since 1984, and the path had several ups and downs. It is never easy to trust a developer with your life savings, but with bti you can be rest assured that our experts do not compromise with quality and service. Being one of the founders of REHAB, we have always tried to stay true to who we are and to our customers. Complete transparency is prioritized in every step. Our code of conduct and ethics are followed rigorously by all employees regardless of stature. Misuse of information and wrongful handling of money is an absolute no-no! Our double ISO certifications prove the incredible management and expertise, design excellence and superior construction quality we consistently provide. Bti is also the only real estate developer who offers patented earthquake-resistant technology involving the jacketing system. We also offer Smart Home features and fire safety measures to enhance the privacy, safety, and security of every home, so that you can live in peace. 

If this writeup does not convince you, why not have a chat with us instead? We are only a call away! You can also visit our corporate headquarters in Celebration Point, Gulshan-2, because after all, seeing is believing. Trust us; you will not be disappointed.