Adapting the spirit of community: The future of living in an apartment in Bangladesh

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March 19, 2020 Apartment Living

Our basic need for shelter has evolved with us throughout the ages. Humans are one of the only species that has developed their living situations over the ages; from living in caves during the primitive to living in brick buildings. 

In Bangladesh, people used to live in two to three-story houses with just their families. Most of the sizes of these families were larger than what we see today. Gradually, nuclear families were born. This gave way for the acceptance of another trend that was on the rise, apartment living. Although it had a slow reception, the concept of apartment living had the “apartment for sale” “flat for sale in Dhaka” signs popping up all over Dhaka. This soon spread across the country and everyone started scrambling to get their hands on an apartment in Bangladesh. 

As more people started moving to metropolitan areas like Dhaka and Chittagong, living in an apartment in Bangladesh became the go-to choice for the new residents.As the 2-story houses for individual families dwindled, apartments for 10-12 families started increasing. This meant more space was available to build more apartments to accommodate the incoming flood of would-be Dhaka residents. This was wonderful news for Bangladesh real estate developer companies. The availability of land increased and every real estate company started building its business. This gradually metamorphosized Dhaka into the thriving metropolis of the present. Soon this paved the way for a new concept, community living.

The concept of community living is simple. A large group of people, mainly families, living together in different apartments but the same apartment complex. This neighborly coexistence comes with its own set of advantages like bringing a sense of belonging and security while keeping the individual’s privacy in mind. The community slowly transitions into a large family; sharing ideas and values, and adopting new ones. In times of need, you will have people to turn to, be it for a decision or just solace without any fear of being judged. A community shares its resources and cooperates to build a better living experience for everyone. A community also encourages people to make new connections and networks between the residents. There is a lesser-known but significant benefit of community living. The socializing keeping you happier and healthier (isolation works as a big contributor to health problems amongst adults).

If you are looking to become a part of such a community, bti has a few good suggestions for you. They have been working on wonderfully designed projects that encourage the community living trend of the present. Projects like Shopnobilash, Shopnoneer, Chayabithi in Dhaka and Green Valley in Chattogram are perfect if you want comfort, security, and part of a community. 

They come with all kinds of civic facilities within the project. Amenities like gymnasiums and rooftop walkways are available for you to stay fit and healthy. It’s very important to know your neighbors; you’ll be living with them for a long time after all. What better way than to host parties or have a community gathering? Feel free to use open terraces (meet and greet areas), the community halls, BBQ areas and give you the perfect opportunities to mingle and develop closer bonds with your fellow neighbors. Nothing forms closer bonds than people eating together; you can even have regular cookouts where you each cook the others’ favorite dishes! 

The list of conveniences of community living doesn’t stop there. Shopnobilash even has its superstore, beauty salon, barbershop and a pharmacy inside its boundaries so that the inhabitants don’t have to step out of their area for daily necessities. That being said, a community should also be a safe place for its inhabitants. They need to look out for each other in the time of need. Where security is concerned, we always prioritize our children first. That’s why there are on-ground play areas for them which also helps them develop friendships. To aid them, community housing projects like the ones mentioned before come with modern security and surveillance systems.  

Human beings, by nature, are social creatures. Aside from the obvious benefits of living in a community, it also makes us better people when we care for others. The sooner we adopt Communitas, the sooner we can take a step towards building a healthier society. So the next time you see an ‘apartment for sale” sign or look up “flat for sale in Dhaka” a community housing project could be your best bet!