Advanced Home Safety and Security Measures

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Advanced Home Safety and Security Measures
April 11, 2021 Apartment Living


Our happiness of mind largely depends on how safe and secure the environment is where we live in. Besides the conventional measures, now homeowners use advanced safety and security measures. While some basic safety measures can be adopted by the homeowner and his or her family, technological measures can ensure higher level of safety and security at home. Intruders, encroachers, burglars and such criminals are also becoming technologically smart. To stay a few steps ahead of them, use these advanced technologies for home safety and security.

Single-door Alarm:

It sounds when the door remains open. It helps monitor the unchecked movement of children to the outside without notice.

Broken Light-Beam Alarm:

This alarm system works where any continuation of light ray (natural light of the sun in the daytime or artificial light at night) is split by the shade of an intruder.

Pressure Mat Alarm:

This mat works like a packet containing two hidden wires that touch each other when someone steps on the mat, and then the alarm rings.

Panic Button:

Usually we see panic buttons beside the patient beds in hospitals. It is perfect for the sick and elderly people at home.

Bogus Beam Device:

It is actually an LED flashing device (with a control panel), placed outside home, working like a beam projector to alarm intruders of risk.

Booby Trap:

This is actually a partially hidden (inside land or wall) micro-switch which is attached to any valuable object. Whenever someone picks the item, an alarm will ring.

Fire Detector Alarm:

The sensor of this fire detector is placed on top of the spaces that are fire-prone, e.g. space with central heating boiler and kitchen. Usually the triggering temperature of a fire detector alarm is set at 50˚C. When the sensor detects fire it sounds. bti has this alarm in all its projects.

Smoke Detector Alarm

This detector detects the existence of fire from the smoke and heat generated by it, and then rings.

Gas Detector:

This device detects the existence of combustible gas (from gas leak) in your home.

Flood and Overflow Alarm:

In this alarm system when 2 electrodes get connected by water, the alarm rings. This alerts inhabitants of the spill of water from a water-tank or washing machine inside home.

The Sentinel:

This project detects intruders through discovery of visual changes (disturbances of light falling on a sensor/phototransistor) of a particular place.

Programmable Alert:

It plays four melodious notes (for alarms) which are customizable according to your choice.

Ultrasonic Intruder Detector:

This device works on the Doppler Effect (the increase or decrease in frequency of sound, light or other waves). Its transmitter transmits an ultrasonic sound (40 kHz) which is reflected on an intruder and then received by a receiver. From the travel time and speed of sound the distance of the intruder is measured without letting him or her know anything.

Automatic Lamp and Radio Switch:

This system is activated when the homeowner is not at home. Light, television and radio switches are attached to it, and they get automatically switched on and off at different intervals during day and night time to make others believe that homeowners are actually at home.

Infra-red Intruder Detector:

This device works on the system that whenever an intruder passes before a sensor, the invisible infra-red beam gets blocked, and the system detects the position of the intruder.

Frost Alarm:

This alert system is placed to monitor temperature. When there is excessive frost, the circuit of this alarm warns you. The device is powered by batteries, and includes a SIM card. When the temperature falls down to a set level, the device sends out an alert message to the owner’s smartphone.

Vibration Detector:

It can be attached to a window and door with a sticker pad. Whenever there is any vibration in the window or door, the electrodes’ contact is made, and the detector’s alarm starts ringing.

Safety Measures by bti :

The architects and designers of bti plan and design buildings, maintaining BNBC and RAJUK Rules to make sure these are earthquake resistant and fire-protected. bti provides fire hydrant boxes with fire hose, ABC Dry Powder and CO2 cylinders as fire extinguishers, with heat and smoke/gas detectors for all its projects and buildings. bti trains projects’ security guards, caretakers, lift operators, and homeowners to use all these equipment, and arranges fire drills so that they can deal with a fire hazard. In some projects bti provides the latest fire safety measures- fire sprinkler system, fire alarm, heat detector, smoke detector, fire exits, fire doors, and a control room. You can view our fire safety video on YouTube for more information.

Security Measures by bti:

bti provided CCTV 24/7 monitoring system in many projects. We introduced Smart Home Automation features in our recent projects, adding to the existing home security system. Some features of this home automation are fingerprint access handle lock, visual doorbell, smart switch, smart look over camera with two-way voice support function, smart panic button, gas detector connected through Wi-Fi, all of which are connected to homeowner’s smartphone. For security personnel, bti Property Management is there to help you.

With the flow of time, technology has advanced a lot with its pros and cons. As home safety and security are now getting aligned to modern technology, we need to keep abreast of all the relevant new devices and systems. With a lack of technological knowledge we cannot stop the intruders and criminals from breaching our home security and taking advantage of its loopholes. So, to keep homes safer and more secure, we should adopt advanced home safety and security measures.