Apartment Décor Ideas For Walls Without Using Nails

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July 25, 2017 Apartment Living

Whether you own a home or live in a rented apartmentapartment décor for wall can be tricky if you don’t want to ruin the structure with drilling holes. An interior décor for your living room or any other room may lack warmth if you have bare walls. Here are 6 creative apartment décor ideas for wall without using nails:

Photo Gallery without frames

In today’s digital age you don’t even need to have elaborate, classic photo frames to showcase your fond memories. Just print a collage of high-quality digital print. You can find several software for this task available online and take print outs. Choose fancy colorful tapes or out-of-sight adhesive tapes to stick them on your wall. This way you can decorate your apartmentwall to your heart’s content without digging any holes on your precious wall and ruining the interior design.

Vinyl wall decals

Vinyl wall decals are quite new in the market and can be used to spruce up your apartment interior design. You can place them anywhere from your bedroom wall décor, living room to baby’s nursery without using paint or nails. They are available in a variety of design, colors, and can include inspirational quotes, trees, chandeliers, birds- basically just about anything you can imagine.  These decals may be a bit costly but they are long lasting and easily removable.

Adhesive wall hooks

Another great apartment décor idea for your apartment wall is to use adhesive wall hooks which come in many cute, simple shapes and design. These hooks are nifty organizational tools for your apartment entry, hallways, bathroom or kitchen to hang low-weight stuff, such as key chains, coats, robes, spoons, hanging décor items, etc.

Creative wall décor ideas

Sometimes you may incorporate unconventional wall décor ideas without attaching anything directly to the wall. For instance, you can get creative by having easel display stands to showcase your favorite wall painting or a bunch of photographs. If you are an artistic person at heart, then it can make a great statement décor in your home. Hang pictures of natural greenery or colorful floral art; in case you love sober art then, how about adding a vintage touch by adding photographs in black and white?  A simple apartment feature such as this can totally transform your home into a work of art.

Using repurposed décor

You can add unused items to your creative apartment décor ideas too. For instance, do you have an old trunk you don’t need anymore? Turn it into a fancy décor item by placing in a corner of the room and add a vase or photo frames or table lamps to spruce up your home décor. Or if you have shutters, how about using them as organizational tools by adding hooks to the slats and hanging bags, coats, jewelry etc?  You don’t need much except look at your surroundings and get inspired for a modern and aesthetic apartment décor without using nails.

Do you have any more apartment décor ideas for beautifying your wall space without using nails? Let us know in the bti blog.