5 Ways to Go Bold with Neutral Colors: Apartment Decorating Tips and Ideas

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April 5, 2016 Apartment Living

A neutral color palette in your apartment does not necessarily mean it will provide you with a dull and boring space. With the right apartment decorating tips and ideas, you can wow your visitors using a soft color palette. Coloring your room with neutral colors such as beige, gray, cream can produce stunning, sophisticated interiors for you, when decorated like a pro. Here are some expert tips and ideas on how to create a bold statement in your apartment décor with neutral colors:

Use multiple shades of same color:

Adding different shades of the same color of your choice, will enhance harmony in your apartment and also create depth. For example if your apartment wall is painted in beige, try decorating the room with varying hues of it in furniture,fabrics, curtains, accessories etc. This will create a soothing effect as well make the interior look classy.

Have fun with textures and patterns:

An apartment with a neutral color scheme can be spruced up into a fun filled space by incorporating different textures and patterns. You can add textural elements to your apartment décor through the upholstery used in your furniture or curtains or accents such as rugs and even accessories like paintings. Instead of buying a matching five piece sofa set, add small chairs and single sofa to keep variation in your texture. Or place a patterned rug or hang a wall mat to make your room comfy and stylish.

Accentuate the neutrals:

You do not need to have only neutral colors in your apartment décor. You can highlight the neutrals by adding hints of other warm colors or textures, such as having a trim of gold, copper or brass or wood in your upholstery, curtains etc. they will create a cozy atmosphere by infusing the neutrals with the warmth of wood. When gold, copper, or brass is used, they can greatly uplift the sophistication of your apartment as they embody the color of royalty.

Focus on small details:

A small but important apartment decorating tip is to focus on the small details. You can greatly elevate the interior décor of your apartment by highlighting small pieces of decoration, display, artwork etc. with a neutral backdrop, these items gain more focus and draw the visitor’s eye. For instance create a gallery wall of symmetric photo frames, or indulge in a wall shelf to display figurines, photo frames etc.

Incorporate natural inspirations:

A touch of greenery is not just pleasing to the eye, but it can add lavishness to any room of your apartment be it living room, entryway, bedroom or even bathroom. You can go small by having fresh green in a vase or go all out with nature inspired décor such as a fountain or other artifacts.

You do not need to be a decorating guru to have a lavish home, even one that is painted in monotonous colors. With a little bit of creative inspiration and budgeting, you can have an apartment fit for the royalty with simple tips and tricks for apartment decorating ideas.

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