Apartment in Bangladesh in 2020: Perks and attributes people seek today

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Apartment in Bangladesh in 2020
March 29, 2020 Apartment Living

Buying a home is an exciting journey for all of us. There are apparently some features which we look for specially and some aspects which we would rather pass. These little details are what help us to find our dream home at the end of the day. However, what people used to look for in a ready flat 10 years back is not the same anymore. The particular choices and preferences of people have changed radically. Modern age people seek for a home that fits their personality and also becomes their sanctuary. Today, we will talk about some such features which people of this new era consider while buying an apartment in Bangladesh.


The traffic of the city and the high price of fuels are not something which we can avoid. Which is why, people now tend to settle down near their workplaces or the schools and colleges of their children. Thus, the place where the apartment is located becomes the first thing to consider while buying an apartment.

Safety measures

The box of safety and security should be ticked off very initially when we buy a flat. Today modern homes offer modern security appliances and systems. The more secured a home is, the more attractive it becomes to the buyers. The latest technologies such as face recognition, motion-detections, and upgraded security camera monitoring are some of the security features which people prefer these days at their homes.

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Features and amenities

Modern people consider features and amenities utterly while buying their home. This is because our home is not only the place where we reside; it is actually far more than that. A modern apartment in Bangladesh generally has indoor game spaces, a community hall, gym spaces etc; even people look for a swimming pool these days. After all, a home is the place where we can relax and have a moment of ourselves, it is not just a concrete building to reside. Some apartments have prayer spaces, jogging tracks for walks and open spaces which allow the residents of the building to mingle with one another that create a bond among themselves.

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Natural light and ventilation

In the hubbub of city life, we crave for some peace of mind at our home. And what can be more appealing than a home full of natural light? People nowadays look for an apartment in Bangladesh which they can turn into their personal retreat. Sunshine coming from large windows of the bedroom or just a cup of tea at the green rooftop can definitely take away the day’s stress.

Smart homes

This is 2020 and a smart home is a smart move in this era. The outstanding evolution of modern technology has made us willing to opt for smart homes with super-smart features. Today’s study says that people are even ready to pay some extra amount of money for homes that have smart locks, face-recognition, automated garage shutter door, motion-censored lights, fans, remote controlled curtains, AC’s and so on.

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Modern kitchen

Kitchen is the first love of a lady and it is the heart of a home; because nowadays not only the woman but also most of the members of the home love to cook. We sit around our kitchen space and spend time with our near and dear ones while having snacks. Many a time, we gather around our kitchen with our friends and relatives as well. These demand that the kitchen space of our home is open and spacious and tailored in such a way so that we can relish quality time with our family.

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Spacious rooms

Spacious and bright rooms are everyone’s choice when they are in the vantage point for a home. Having enough space allows us to use the rooms for multi-purposes. For instance, if we have ample space in our bedroom, we can easily use one corner of it as our study corner or put a playpen for our baby. This actually helps when it is not possible to have a separate room as a study. Spacious rooms give us the space to breathe and also to decorate the rooms as we like.