Flats for Sale in Bashundhara: Phenomenal Changes in the Apartment in Dhaka

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March 10, 2023 Investment Decision

Every city, every place has a story of its own. Any place we see today has gone through a lot of ups and downs, growth and advancements. Bashundhara is just the same. The Bashundhara we knew in the early ’80s is not what we see today. Due to remarkable social development, significant changes have been seen in the apartment in Dhaka and it is true for the flats for sale in Bashundhara as well. Today we will talk about the evolution of Bashundhara and the reasons behind the changes-

Flat for sale in Bashundhara

In the earlier years, Bashundhara was comparatively a less populated area. One of the major reasons behind this was the congested entrance which created less appeal to people. However, the picture changed drastically after the construction of the 300 feet road. As the area developed, more people started to move towards Bashundhara. This resulted in the opening of a number of educational institutions, offices, restaurants, hospitals, recreational centers and so on. Subsequently, the real estate company in Dhaka became more eager to build modern homes with modern features in this area.

Flat for sale in Bashundhara

Today, Bashundhara is a city on its own. This is the second most organized neighborhood in Dhaka after Uttara. Prominent universities like North South University, Independent University and several well-known schools such as International School of Dhaka, Playpen and so on are situated at Bashundhara. Some very eminent offices are located in this area as well, such as Grameenphone Headquarters, Bashundhara Corporate Office, and Bashundhara Industrial Headquarters, etc. The emergence of these institutions has gradually made this place full of life. People now have become more interested to stay at Bashundhara and look for different flats for sale in Bashundhara. This is because they are keen to avoid the tiresome traffic jam of Dhaka and tend to settle down near their schools, universities or offices. This is one of the main reasons for the increased number of modern apartment in Dhaka in this area.

Flat for sale in Bashundhara

As people increased, the demands for fine eateries and recreational facilities increased as well. However, if you live at Bashundhara, you do not have to move much further to grab a quick bite. Good restaurants are here and there in the close vicinity. Also, Jamuna Future Park is at a stone’s throw of this place. So if you are a resident of Bashundhara, you can catch any new release at the Blockbuster without struggling to make a schedule or go on a shopping spree with your friends and family at any time. Besides, there are several convenience stores like Mehedi Mart or Genius for you to avail of anything you might need at any hour of the day.

Flat for sale in Bashundhara

The availability of such facilities has made Bashundhara one of the most ideal places to reside at Dhaka and the increasing number of universities and schools have made the number of student housing in this area much higher. People saw a new scope of investment here and the number of apartment in Dhaka continued to rise at this place.

With the course of time and development of the society, the features of the flats for sale in Bashundhara are also changing. More modern homes are now being built to meet the contemporary taste of the people. The modern age people like open spaces and that is why most of the apartment in Dhaka nowadays are very spacious. Besides, the surroundings of Bashundhara allow the dwellers to enjoy a serene and secluded atmosphere. The blend of a tranquil location with modern homes has made Bashundhara an ideal location to settle.

Bashundhara is one of the most serene neighborhoods which could be found in Dhaka. The development of this area has not decreased the beauty of it. Rather it has encouraged more people to move to this place and build their nest.

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