Banani: An Area of Vintage Sophistication

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July 1, 2020 Investment Decision

Banani: An Area of Vintage Sophistication

In the map of Dhaka, Banani and Gulshan will always be two of the most sensational locations. If we go back in time a little, these are the two places that catered to the needs of the upper-class, and is still known to be the dwelling of the more affluent ones. With time though, Banani has been more accommodating to suit the needs of not only the upper-class, and is now a home to many dreamers and achievers. Yet, Banani still thrives as a place that has kept its vintage aura intact.

Convenience in Green

Of course, the serene environment of Banani is not unknown to us. The name itself suggests a plethora of greenery and the lake adds up to the tranquility. A walk at night along the Banani Bridge would mesmerize you with its beauty- a play of vibrant lights against the dark sky. Not to mention, that walk will swiftly take you to one of the most exciting hubs of the zone- Banani 11. From superb restaurants to great boutiques, this one place will tend to your every requirement.

Moreover, the area is also highly attractive and convenient because of its surroundings. Gulshan and Banani are like conjoined twins, so one can effortlessly indulge in the facilities of Gulshan too! Living in Banani, you can connect with locations like Mohakhali DOHS, Baridhara, Airport, Mirpur and more, so our life becomes much hassle-free.

Of Class and Distinction

We still see some great architectural pieces in Banani from decades ago, that still strongly hold on to their air of posh authority. Emanating a vibe of elite elegance, they make the neighborhood a celebrated place to live.

And in between these houses, many new, modern homes have taken shape, that call out to people worthy of an abode in Banani. Banani now has a plethora of great homes to offer, that are not only modern but also have a posh environment. These homes add a subtle panache to the neighborhood- a beautiful merge of the golden past and the ever-progressing now. bti  has been leading the real estate industry for almost four decades, so it is no surprise that the company has a bunch of lovely luxury homes to offer in the area. These luxury homes not only provide you with a luxurious lifestyle, but also make your daily lives flourish in the scenic tranquility of Banani. Let’s explore three of the magnificent creations of bti that are situated in this beautiful location.

A Spacious Life is a Carefree Life

Banani’s Block- A offers a range of incredible facilities of both Banani and Gulshan. Situated in Road-4, bti’s Palm Grove offers an enthralling lifestyle for those who seek it. With ample light and air playing in its spaces, Palm Grove is where a spacious lifestyle is granted in lush serenity. The mezzanine ground floor hosts a yoga station, a nicely decorated community hall, and a kids’ play zone, along with a beautifully landscaped deck and water body that will enchant you with your first step in the premises.

Who doesn’t enjoy an intimate gathering on a brilliantly crafted patio, while enjoying the gentle evening breeze? Palm Grove’s rooftop will give you that, and more! With a BBQ zone hosted within an abundance of greenery, weekend parties with friends will be super exciting! Choose a home from 2300-2900+ sft., as each home in Palm Grove is a splendor of modern architecture and luxury!

Venetian: A Saga of Majestic Lifestyle

A home always tells a story, so to spin your saga of love and affection, a luxurious dwelling in the prestigious Block D of Banani should be your prime choice. In this sought after location, bti offers one of its best- Venetian. The overall outlook of it is so marvelous, that one will be enchanted even before they step in. It is undoubtedly the most attractive building in the block, a home that one will be proud to own. This is where style merges with luxury to gift us the astounding experience of a luxury home!

In the fabulous and classy neighborhood of Banani, a home is granted with amenities and facilities beyond imagination. Similarly, when living in Venetian not one desire will go unfulfilled. From Eid shopping to late night ice-cream craving, what cannot be satiated here? Like its other homes in Banani, bti has put immense effort in crafting a rooftop that is peaceful, with lush greenery. A BBQ zone with a vertical green wall and flowing water- just thinking of it drifts us into pleasant evenings with our loved ones. The homes are typically around 2400+ sft., so one can nestle in it luxuriously.

Rose Cottage: Where Life is Indeed a Bed of Roses

Rose Cottage a splendid luxury home by bti, is situated in Banani Block A, Road 4. Its location is significant as it is in close vicinity of Gulshan, so one can effortlessly enjoy the perks of both area! An elegant entrance and a water body surrounded stunning Meet & Greet Lounge are not the only best thing about Rose Cottage. A marvelous rooftop retreat awaits you that is decorated with soothing water areas, and also has mesmerizing rose beds- a perfect place for romantic hangouts, or the perfect Instagram spot!

With all the facilities that Banani has to offer, Rose Cottage promises a life of utmost convenience and comfort- like a bed of roses! The homes span between 1900-3800+ sft., so you have the freedom to taste luxury in every size. Undoubtedly, a home in Rose Cottage in the beautiful environment of Banani will grant us a heavenly life!

Not to mention, bti also offers customized interior solutions so you are just a call away from making a luxurious and tasteful abode in Banani!