Bashundhara R/A: The no. 1 Choice for First-time Home Buyers

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August 31, 2022 Investment Decision

Bashundhara R/A has become an accommodation hotspot for many in the past few years. The ongoing changes across 300 ft Road and infrastructure developments in and around Purbachal have led many to consciously decide to live in Bashundhara R/A permanently. As the population of the ever-expanding Dhaka is moving outwards, Bashundhara R/A seems to be a safe choice for those who want to stay within the conveniences of Dhaka but also stay away from the chaos of urban life. First-time home buyers nowadays prefer more spacious, well-constructed, innovatively designed homes that come with home automation features. Bashundhara R/A offers the best of both worlds – spacious, modern homes near daily urban conveniences and yet safely tucked away in greenery and open space. Buyers looking for their dream home can rest at ease as Bashundhara R/A now has plenty of homes to choose from.


The Marvelous 300 ft Road

This road drives the potential of Bashundhara R/A and will shape the area’s future. It hosts many places for recreation, including food courts, restaurants, parks and resorts. It also hosts the International Convention City Bashundhara, the largest event place in Bangladesh. Our international airport is just a few kilometers away. Residents of Bashundhara R/A can head to Mirpur, Uttara, Banani, Gulshan, and 100ft. road Madani Avenue within a few minutes. The road is also set to host a part of the upcoming Dhaka Metro Rail and the Sheikh Hasina Cricket Stadium. A home here is absolutely a dream come true.


The Most Modern Facilities Are Nearby

Anyone residing in Bashundhara R/A need not consider any other area. From renowned private universities and schools such as Australian International School, Playpen, NSU, IUB, ISD, Viqarunnisa Noon School, to the largest shopping mall in Bangladesh, the Jamuna Future Park, it has absolutely everything a family might need. A large array of restaurants, grocery stores, banks, ATM booths, and pharmacies are available here. You need not worry about health, as world-renowned hospitals and medical facilities are within easy reach.


Peace & Security

The carefully laid out homes and streets with neat lines of trees ensure that greenery and spaciousness is always a priority in the area. Your family will appreciate the natural beauty, peace, and quiet of every neighborhood. Playgrounds and recreational spaces for children are abundant here. Mosques and other religious institutions are also present, so that you can find your inner spirituality whenever you need. You will find security personnel in every road, which means there is no compromise in safety.

Keeping these factors into consideration, bti has developed a strong presence in Bashundhara R/A. Several of our ongoing projects are located in some of the most prominent blocks-E, G, H, I, J, K, and L. As blocks near Bashundhara Gate (A-F) are already saturated with homes there is little scope for spacious and cozy homes there. These homes have Smart Home features and unique designs that are perfect for families. All the designs have been done by ensuring optimum light and ventilation and maximum use of space without appearing too cramped. These projects are modern as well as nature-centric, where safety and security are maintained to their best, keeping the structures family-friendly. Some homes have duplex structures for joint families who want to stay together as one unit. The community halls and rooftops are designed to facilitate sharing & caring among communities. bti placed great focus on ensuring that customers enjoy a new level of luxury. We also installed some wellness facilities in these projects so that residents can stay fit and healthy and children can have a joyful childhood.