5 Smart Ways to Brighten up a Dark Room

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February 16, 2017 Apartment Living

Feeling down in a dark apartment? It’s time to brighten it up and beat the blues.

When you are looking to buy home, one of the important things to consider is how comfortable your home is. Comfort in living comes from various sources such as open space, adequate lighting, privacy and so on. When buying an apartment in Bangladesh, you might find that the apartment for sale does not have adequate lighting or you might have to compromise with this apartment feature as there is something else on your priority list such as apartment price within your budget. However, this doesn’t mean you are stuck with a poorly lit apartment for the rest of your life. A well-illuminated space does not only elevate apartment décor but also gives you comfortable interiors.

Here are 5 smart interior decor tips on how to brighten up a dark room.

Lighten it up

A dark room lacking windows, balconies can feel like drab and dampen your mood. In low-light rooms such as bedroom or living room, use soft colors such as light yellow, white, baby blue etc. These colors apart from brightening up your apartment décor are also known to be stress relievers. Use these colors in painting your room or in accents to brighten up space.

Paint the ceiling white

Another smart apartment décor tip to brighten up a dark room is to paint the ceiling white. When you enter a room, a light-painted ceiling will attract visitor’s eye upwards and produce the illusion of a brighter room. If you have dark corners, using a fresh coat of white paint can also induce the same effect.

Use nature to add vibrancy

Colors can immediately transform the look of a space and nothing is more refreshing than the vibrancy of greenery in the form of plants such as money plant, or fresh flowers on center table, shelves etc. These will instantly add brightness to your apartment décor and cheer up your mood whenever you walk into your room after a tiring day at work.

Lighten up the floors

Many people overlook an important aspect of interior design which is your apartment floor. If your apartment feature contains dark tiles, then changing it can be cumbersome. In such cases, use light colored rugs such as peach, lavender, off white. These will lighten up the room and make your apartment feel cozy at the same time. You can find a variety of floral patterns, checkered or striped rugs as well as traditional ones in any local home décor shop.

Avoid clutter

If you have too much furniture or décor items in your apartment, they can make your room look smaller and darker. To brighten up your interior décor, use petite furniture such as sofas with open leg space instead of closed ones. This will add breathing space to your apartment and make it look less dark. Also use furniture of sober colors. If you must add dark colors, limit them to accents such as throw pillows or accessories.

Take care of the lighting

One of the simplest interior décor tips to brighten up a dark room is to increase artificial lighting in the room. Use diffused lighting in your dark room such as decorative ceiling light, floor lamps and table lamps that illuminate the whole room instead of focusing on a single area of your apartment. LEDs and CFLs also give off more light than normal light bulbs. They are also energy efficient and so take care of your electric bills.

Use glass or mirror

An expert decorating tip to brighten up a dark apartment is to strategically place a mirror or two. However, when adding a mirror, you should note its size and the room of placement. For instance, for your dining room choose cabinet or shelves made of glass as mirrors in dining can feel intrusive or if it is an entryway, place the mirror so it reflects outdoors such as opposite a window or doorway.

With these tips and tricks, you can easily brighten up your dark apartment and feel bright and cheery at all times. You can also consult bti interior solutions who can help you in giving you a functional and beautiful living space.