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May 8, 2021 Real Estate Industry

In the early years of our nation, the concept of bringing aesthetics in our homes was unheard of. Dhaka and other cities were sparsely populated, which meant that the need for excellent design concepts were only limited to commercial structures, government projects, and landmarks. Fast forward to the 1980s, and the economic growth led to an increased surge of apartments and commercial spaces in Dhaka. Being the leading real estate company of Bangladesh, bti soon realized the need to bring modern design aesthetics into the picture. This was the start of bti’s passionate journey in pursuing design excellence. 

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Aesthetics, Functionality, And More

To maximise the functionality of a space, appropriate use of aesthetics is necessary. Attention to every detail is key to a successful blend of both aspects. Homes in the previous decades lacked this key feature, with only functionality at the heart of each project. Based on shape shifting urban lifestyle, rising population, changing technology, customer preferences, and environmental needs, bti initiated the move to incorporate innovative design concepts so that homes are beautiful both inside and outside. The rise of gorgeous apartments towering towards the skyline became its trademark. Bti became an industry leader in terms of architectural talent and producing excellent construction and designs, which garnered multiple accolades for the company. In fact bti has received ISO certifications twice on design excellence and quality of construction and service. We have also received the prestigious LEED gold certification for design excellence, and the ESSAB Safety Award for fire safety measures. With a bti home, customers get more than just a concrete house; they enjoy a holistic and elite lifestyle.

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Design Evolution

Bti has been a pioneer in producing functional and aesthetic designs. While we increasingly focused on aesthetics, we also emphasized on added functionalities so that customers from all walks of life can avail a home with bti. For example, projects of our Luxury Collection carry the most modern designs and the best smart home features so that residents can feel luxury at their fingertips. Customers in our Wellness Communities get various wellness features such as gym, sauna, swimming pool, outdoor terrace, play area, movie theater, and much more than just a home. The increase in functionality both within the home and outside the doorstep has been widely appreciated by our customers. We hope to continuously work on bringing innovative design concepts for this reason.

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Unmatched Services of SFS

Over the years, the ever growing and ever changing needs of customers gave birth to Square Feet Story. Whether you want to create a thematic restaurant or build a farmhouse, or give a total interior makeover to your home, SFS will give you the best concepts based on your preferences, environmental features, and latest trends. Bti’s progression towards excellence in design continues with Square Feet Story. Our decades of expertise, services, and achievements have enabled us to be a leader in design and construction. For those who require assistance in these aspects, there is no better place to go than Square Feet Story. With a pool of talented architects, interior designers, genius landscapers, construction consultants, and 3D visualizers, we make designing and building your dream space easy and impactful. With SFS you can ensure that your residential or commercial space makes a statement that resonates brilliant design and construction.

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Paving the road to design excellence and unparalleled construction services, bti has come a long way, and we continue to pursue further excellence. In terms of reliability and commitment we remain undisputed. For all things design-related, bti is your best shot.