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March 6, 2021 Real Estate Industry

Care is an inseparable part of bti culture bti family works with concerted effort and utmost care to win customers’ hearts while providing them viable housing solutions to make their homeownership a joyful experience for a better tomorrow. The four decades of relationship between bti and its customers is a story of trust, care and success. We believe the journey can be enjoyable only when we ensure proper care, safety, security and respect for our clients, customers, architects, engineers, employees and those who are around us. Keeping this in mind, bti is progressing forward to serve humanity with considerable care from its institutional platform. No more tension in real estate management bti Brokerage is dedicated to helping clientele buy, sell and rent properties in a hassle-free manner. Many landowners and buyers struggle extensively while selling and buying their land property. Many people struggle to rent an apartment aligned with their preferences. Additionally, processing the documents of a land or apartment is a challenging task for those who lack the information and knowledge on property management.  Hence, with bti Brokerage you can easily sell, buy and rent your real estate without hassles. We care to create your dream-home with Square Feet Story It is a big challenge to create and design a home according to your expectations. bti SFS has become a trustworthy name in designing your residential and commercial space uniquely according to environmental, landscape and individual needs. Our architectural team explores the varying nuances of lives, creates beautiful inner sanctums, and designs functional environments according to the individual needs of the clientele. The residential architects of SFS directly plan with the clients to evaluate project feasibility and provide value-added design solutions for all housing schemes. Our care for employee satisfaction Accident and death are an unavoidable part of life. When an employee of bti undergoes such horrible experiences, we not only stand by him/her but also his/her family. Financial participation of all employees in our Welfare Fund is mandatory. We have initiated Knowledge Club so that our employees can develop themselves. bti ensures a favorable working environment for all its ingenious-minded employees which is why bti Forum was created. For employees who need it, bti has transportation facility by office-buses into different routes. As stated, employee care is a priority at bti. Social welfare is our big concern We promote social welfare in many respects. During the ongoing pandemic, bti family has taken high consideration for the well-being of all the people around us, especially our clientele. Our mosquito exterminating schemes with fogger machines and cleanliness programs are being executed regularly in and around all bti establishments. We sponsor our national golfers as an act of care. As part of our ongoing efforts to give back to the society, bti arranges blanket distribution program for the unprivileged people of the remote areas of our country. bti Wellness Communities work on making the customers’ lives stress-free by ensuring that they experience safety and a sense of security in their purchased dream-home.  Thus all bti caring efforts are put together for social welfare. Our culture to foster care & bonding Culture is critical to the improvement of any institution. bti has developed a culture which fosters care & bonding within the employer, employees and clients. At bti we not only work but also enjoy our time through peer-bonding activities. We celebrate birthdays of our employees in a homely manner. Such a culture of care for a better tomorrow has earned bti the prestigious ISO 9001-2015 certification and many other recognitions over time. As an institution, we take pride in these achievements which drive us further to serve our customers and society with more care.]]>